Looking for a Date, Wednesday One-Liners?

White guy to friend: Do they eat Thai hookers? I'd eat a Thai hooker.

–47th & Lexington

30-something pudgy guy: So this girl was eyeing me the whole night, and it turns out she was a prostitute! And I was like, "Man! I thought she really liked me!"

–Bleecker St & 6th Ave

Girl in tight purple dress and too much makeup, shouting to friend: I am not a prostitute. I'm a ho!

–Phone Booth, Coney Island

Overheard by: not going there

Mom to son: I'm not a two-dollar hooker! More like a…hundred thousand dollar one.

–Park Ave

Elderly man to another: You just can't run a country like a whorehouse.

–12th St & Ave A

Girl on cell: You stole my secret prostitute name!

–7th Ave & LeRoy St