Flea market lady: I don’t see the big deal about sanitation these days.
Older flea market lady: I know. The other day at work I dropped a cookie on the floor, then picked it up and ate it. You know, just to see what people would do.

Flea Market
Burley Park, Michigan

Overheard by: Amanda

Man: That was the most secure Mexican bathroom I’ve ever seen.

San Francisco, California

Overheard by: didn’t bother to find out

Excited girl exiting bathroom: That toilet smells like America!

The Angel Restaurant

Overheard by: Nics

Teacher to girl picking lint off her boobs: Pay attention, please.
Girl: I can't! I'm cleaning!

Potomac, Maryland

Little girl, in Arabic, as she sits in the train: Smells like cotton candy!
Mother, in French: Yeah, you're right, it smells like cotton candy. (to grandmother) Don't you think it smells like cotton candy?
Young black woman, sitting in the next row, smiling: It's me. It's my perfume.
Mother: Really?! What is it?
Young black woman: Vanilla and cotton candy.
Mother: Really? My girl told me it smells like the amusement park. At first I thought it was the cleaning product they used to wash the train floor. (pause) It smells really good.

C Train

Overheard by: BBM Tm

Old lady: I have a roof over me and clothes on my back, but I can't wash my box…

Lowell, Massachusetts

Overheard by: glad I wasn't sitting next to her

Psychologist #1: He said he was going to do his laundry, which is a really good sign.
Psychologist #2: Yeah, you can't want to commit suicide and want clean clothes.

Manhattan, New York

Guy, about hand sanitizer: You know that germ stuff? Well, I put it on my hands, then I put it on my butt cheeks, and it stung my butt cheeks!

Monterey, California

Teenage girl: I want to stop keeping it in my pants.
Effeminate teenage guy: No! Keep the stuff in your pants… in your pants!
Teenage girl: Yeah, it needs washing anyways.


Trendy girl on cell: It was stuck to my boob this morning. I had to go clean it off… it was all bloody and gross. (pause) Right on my boob. I know… Eew!

University of Phoenix, Arizona

Overheard by: Sarah Neill