Red-headed friend to blonde friend: If I had a special power it would be to fly!
Blonde friend, seriously: If I had a special power I would have a microwave in my mouth so that I could cook anything I wanted, whenever I wanted.
Red-headed friend: You could never get salmonella again!
Blonde friend: I know, right? It's my best idea yet!

Canada's Wonderland

Oblivious lady #1: I just don't know what to do with all of that junk back there.
Oblivious lady #2: Where, in your trunk?
Oblivious lady #1: Yeah, there's just so much junk in my trunk!

Guelph, Ontario

Dude: Just press your nipple up against the glass.

Roller Derby Game

Overheard by: Jay

Stodgy, old-fashioned professor: It's your birthday? I didn't know, you must not have put it on Facebook.

St. John's

Overheard by: Mel

Woman, discussing Star Trek: It's like, I don't give a crap about the stupid Falcon death trap.


Overheard by: MoMo

Underage girl, at 6 pm: Man, I knew I should've started drinking at 2!

Glengarry Highland Games

Overheard by: is it that boring?

15-year-old thug, to thug friends: Hmm… P.S. I Love You. That was actually a pretty good movie.

Promenade de Cathedral

Overheard by: Reb

Girl: It's like, you're just doing whatever, and suddenly you're in the middle of an orgy, you know?
Friend: Yeah, I totally know.

Memorial University, St. John's
Newfoundland, Canadia

Overheard by: Clearly doing

Guy #1: What is that?
Guy #2, holding sunscreen: Oh, it's sport sunscreen. My mom made bring it.
Guy #3: Dude. Why do you have so many ointments?
Guy #2: The back of my legs get burnt.
Guy #1: You moisturize?

Canada's Wonderland
Vaughan, Ontario

Overheard by: Shan

Guy to girlfriend: I thought it would be funny to eat an O'Henry while pooing.


Overheard by: Alywishus