Exceedingly pale college guy: You can't trust redheads. They don't blink their eyes at the same time.
Exceedingly pale high school guy: (nods in understanding)

Tempe, Arizona

Political science professor: Our president is black. Some of you may have noticed this. Some of you probably haven't yet.

California State University
San Marcos, California

Overheard by: I knew it

Preppy teenage girl #1, before Sex and the City movie: Oh! I heard that Jennifer Hewitt is in this movie!
Preppy teenage girl #2: No, it's Jennifer Hudson.
Preppy teenage girl #1: Whats the difference?
Preppy teenage girl #2: Jennifer Hewitt is the white actress who made a CD and can't sing and was in the Garfield movie. Jennifer Hudson is the black girl from American Idol who won an Oscar for that movie with Beyonce.
Preppy teenage girl #1: Are either one of them singing in this movie?
Preppy teenage girl #2: I don't know.
(long pause)
Preppy teenage girl #3: Speaking of black people, I got in trouble for being racist at work today.

Plano, Texas

Black girl to white friends: Black people want to be country, but we don't want to listen to the music.

Harvard Yard
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Overheard by: meems

College guy #1: I think racism is just really bad OCD!
College guy #2: Haha, yeah!

University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

White hipster to others: I've noticed the black kids in Harlem are starting to wear skinny jeans and skateboard. It's great… 'cause it's, like, cool to be smart again.


Canadian tourist #1: Guys, you know what the States have that most of Canada doesn’t?
Three others: What?
Canadian tourist #1: Black people…

Buffalo, New York

Overheard by: Bored At Work

Yuppie: So then this guy jumped out wearing a ski mask and at first I laughed, but then I realized he was black!

Goshen, Indiana

Overheard by: Dej

Fat black woman on cell: Black women are better than white women, because you can beat the shit out of them and the bruises won’t be visible!

BART train
Berkeley, California

Overheard by: Gilatron

White student #1: Yeah, it's a good thing I'm not going to that preppy high school anymore.
White student #2: Yeah, I agree.
White student #3: You'd probably still be having sex with white girls.

Deerfield Beach High School