Tall, skinny kid: He's…like…suspiciously Asian.
Tall skinny friend: That's what I thought too!

Tempe, Arizona

Guy in sociology class: So male and female… Are those races?


Overheard by: doug

Woman #1: So how did the date go?
Woman #2: Well, he started telling me about his favorite books, and I was all: “you know niggas can't read!”


7th-grade-boy to another: I didn't know Martin Luther King Jr. was black!


Overheard by: scared for the future of education.

Girl #1: Why does Denzel Washington with a gun freak me out?
Girl #2: Because he’s black.

Movie Theater

30-something black woman #1: The eye is superficial.
30-something black woman #2: Yeah, like 20-year-old white guys.

Community College
Columbus, Ohio

Overheard by: Madison

Guy to girl: I hate Asian people named Christine.

Drew University
New Jersey

Overheard by: Greg Everitt

Skinny Asian kid buying 24-pack of Keystone Light, to friend: I dunno man. I've never played beer pong against a black dude before.


Overheard by: Ian

Tram driver to very black coworker: Have you been on vacation again? You've got a great tan going on!


Overheard by: Dan Sebastian

White girl to Hispanic chick: I swear, in 5th grade you were, like, white.
Hispanic chick: White, like, acted white? Or white like white skin?
White girl: Like, white. Weren't you ever white?

Panera Bread
Fairlawn, New Jersey

Overheard by: Siberia