Kid #1: Do they have gay clothing stores?
Kid #2: Wherever all the gay people are.
Big dude: You guys wanna go watch a Menudo video or something?

–115th & Broadway

Overheard by: Mixmaster Mike

Woman: I changed my ringtone to “In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida.”
Man: Really?
Woman: Yeah. [sings song]Man: That’s “Hava Nagila.”

–The Thing, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Overheard by: sweetchuck

Female security guard: That was Jim Jones.
Male security guard: Jim Jones?
Female security guard: Jim Jones, he sings “Pop Champagne.”
Male security guard: Jim Jones? That's that cult guy, down in uh… Guyana.

–MTV Lobby

Tall girl: Louis XIV? They’re a bunch of rapists.
Short girl: So?
Tall girl: So you shouldn’t listen to the music of rapists!
Short girl: I like rapists! Rapists are the best!

–Washington Square Park

Overheard by: JB

Tourist kid to random guy: Do you know where St. Mark's is?
Random guy: You see that spinny cube?
Tourist kid: Yeah.
Random guy: And do you see that clump of punk rock Midwesterners?
Tourist kid: No.
Random guy: Well, you're gonna.

–Astor Place

Aspiring rapper: Hey guys, 'sup? Would you care to help a struggling rapper by buying my CD for $20?
Guy: Uh… I don't really want your album for $20.
Aspiring rapper: Could you hug me for $10 then?

–Times Square

[Just before the curtain rises on the opera Carmen.]Guy: Do you know the show?
Girl: Uh-uh.
Guy: It’s sooo sad. Like Rent.
Girl: Oooh. Wow.

–The Met

Dude: He’s the black, blind Motown equivalent of Kenny G.

–113th & Amsterdam

Overheard by: Wild Dog Boy

Girl, while leaving screening of "I am legend": Okay… I cannot believe the woman did not know Bob Marley! I mean, that had to be the most unrealistic thing in that entire film.

–Fresh Meadows, Queens

Overheard by: hmmm…

Curly-haired chick: Has New Order become an okay kinky sex background band? Am I *old*?

–113th & Broadway

Overheard by: Poogins

Guy, standing next to guy listening to Journey on his iPod: Get away from me! Just get the fuck away from me!

–2 Train

Dumb girl dressed like Scary Spice en route to the concert: Yeah, a lot of people think that the Spice Girls like, reinstated feminism.

–NJ Transit

Yale grad: Eminem has a wonderful sense of meter.

–Court St., Brooklyn

Overheard by: Justin Casement

Queer: We only stayed for 15 minutes, I’m not that into karaoke. And when a coven of lesbians start casting their spells to "My Sharona", I was outta there."

–Chambers & Greenwich

Overheard by: Grand Witch Muffy

Hair stylist: So what kind of band is your boyfriend in?
Magenta-dyed customer: He says it's Emo, but it sounds like the soundtrack to Spring Awakening.

–Supercuts, 6th Ave & Waverly

Overheard by: Jeffrey

Woman #1: Wow, everyone is wearing their iPod. I only wear mine to the gym.
Woman #2: Well, if you have a commute, it is good to take it with you.
Woman #1: Really, so it works underground?
Woman #2: Yea, it even works when you are wearing green.
Woman #1: Fuck you.

–43rd & 5th

Overheard by: dave