13-year-old boy, jumping all over the place: It was a feeling of pure urethra!

Western Australia

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Girl playing video game: Some girls just want to get married. I just want fire.

Columbus, Ohio

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Tween boy #1, carrying skateboard: So, I got cleaning detail at school tomorrow.
Tween boy #2: That doesn’t sound like something I’d want to do.
Tween boy #1: No, man, it’s awesome! You get out of literacy class!

Tucson, Arizona

Tween girl #1: I have to tell you something — I don’t think Rachel is that hot.
Tween girl #2: Oh my god, I’m so glad you said that, ’cause I’m afraid to talk to people about her because everyone thinks she is so pretty.
Tween girl #1: They were doing this rating thing where they rate people on a scale, and Ryan gave her a seven.
Tween girl #2: She is totally not a seven — her boobs are inverted.

Premier Oaks Movie Theater
Melbourne, Florida

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Oblivious 12-year-old in pool, surrounded by floaty toys: Hey, hold my noodle while I mount this whale.


9-year-old boy, biking: Yo, what kind of flowers are they?
13-year-old brother, also biking: They be poppies an' calla-lilies an' peonies an' oleanders an' hydrangeas an' shit.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Nonchalant tween: My farts smell like I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!®

Moscow, Idaho

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13-year-old blonde: So then he was all “I told you it wasn't mine!”
13-year-old brunette: Ohmigod, how could he do that?
13-year-old blonde: I know! It was, like, “did you or didn't you sleep with him?” He's not even gay!


Overheard by: Laura

Tween #1 waiting at bus stop: So, I wanna like him, but I don't want to, and I can't like him, 'cause I wanna like him, but I don't!…you know?
Tween #2: Wow, I know exactly what you mean!


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Excited preteen girl to dad: Look, dad, it's Hannah Montana!
Dad: Honey, we get out of the house so that we don't have to sit around and watch this all day long.

Bridgewater, New Jersey

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