Tween #1, excitedly: Oh my god! Look, it's High School Musical stuff!
Tween #2: I hate High School Musical.
Tween #1: Oh, well… so do I!

Hickory Hollow Mall
Nashville, Tennessee

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Tween boy #1: I'm bummed. I grabbed my mom's iPod instead of mine this morning.
Tween boy #2: They look the same, how do you know it's not yours?
Tween boy #1: I have Radiohead and The Shins, she has Deicide and Cradle of Filth.
Tween boy #2: I love that woman.

High School

Overheard by: Sandy Paws

Tween: I mean, who just calls to say, how are you, I hear you got punched in the face?
Mom: Totally…

San Diego, California

Overheard by: SaraSmile

12-year-old boy: One day, I looked in the mirror, and I had abs! It was cool!

Swim Meet
Albany, New York

12-year-old boy #1: My hobo name is Rancid Earl!
12-year-old boy #2: My hobo name is Cracker Joe!
12-year-old boy #1: Hey, I wanna be Cracker Joe…

Middlesex County Fair
New Jersey

Middle school boy: They could solve world hunger if they just kept cloning lots of sheep.
Friend: Aren't sheep like, tofu?

Radnor, Pennsylvania

Ditzy 13-year-old brunette: That's so cool! She's French and (whispers) black. I didn't know you could get those!

Woldingham Sacred Heart School

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Preteen in line at Spice Girls concert: I don't want them to leave the stage! At the end, let's keep screaming “Concord!”


Overheard by: Spiced girl

Twelve-year-old boy in lunch line: So I think I have a new arch-nemesis… He's like, Canadian, or something.
Friend: Cool!

Brown University
Providence, Rhode Island

Overly loud tween boy: Yeah, but at least he put it in.
Teacher: Shut up back there.

Monticello, New York

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