Preppy tween girl #1: So you're grounded?
Preppy tween girl #2: Worse. My mom threw away my pacifiers.

Madison, Wisconsin

Tween boy with arm around girlfriend: So, he actually tried to use my phone to call Hitler…


Female tween, following older brother swimming in restricted area: Mom, can I swim where Dave* is?
Mom: No! Swim back over to the shore.
Female tween, in nasal whine: Oh. Myyyyy. God!
Mom: Hey, I gave birth to you. I am your god!

Overheard by: matt.

11-year-old: Haggis is awesome!
15-year-old: Damn straight! High five!
(they high five)


12-year-old boy: You see?! Dungeons & Dragons applies to real life!


Overheard by: cubicle slave

Tween: Glitter isn't a color, it's an emotion.


Pretty tween girl, looking around on busy street: What's with all these ugly people taking up all the space?


Preteen girl #1: Do you see all these blondes on the boxes? They should all be me. I should be on all these boxes.
Preteen girl #2: Did someone start a rumor about us? Because I haven't gotten any calls all day.

New Jersey

Dad: There are some things you can't discuss with girls. Like I would never tell your mom about the really weird-colored shit I had last night.
Preteen son: What color was it?
Dad: See, that's not the kind of question a girl would ask.

Northgate Mall
Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: Didn't want to hear it either

Preteen girl #1: Boobies are just fat.
Preteen girl #2: No, they aren't. They are a special kind of fat: boobie fat.