Eavesdrop DC

Girl #1: Hey girl, what's up? How's your summer? You still runnin' 'round with that bad boy?
Girl #2: Oh no, he dead.
Girl #1: He dead?! No! He dead? When?
Girl #2: Few weeks ago. It don't matter. We weren't goin' out no more.


Mid-twenties guy leaving voice mail: Hey baby, just calling to say hi. How are your boobs?


Overheard by: brickskeller

Frat boy: All of my plans involve either money or pussy.

Starbucks, E Street

Intern girl #1: Bet McCain’s into S&M.
Intern girl #2: I can see that.
Intern girl #1: Ever see the veins in McCain’s head? They throb all day. I had a boyfriend like that.
Intern girl #2: Did he want to smack you around?
Intern girl #1: He wanted me to smack him around.
Intern girl #2 Did you?
Intern girl #1: Psh. I am sooo not maternal.


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Girl: I should probably go to church tomorrow. It would make my mom happy… And the priest is really fucking hot.


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Guy: You know what I'm going to do? I'm bringing back the safari hat. Tomorrow I'm wearing a safari hat to work.
Girl: That's so Baltimore!


Overheard by: the hill

Girl: I’m like Mister Rogers — I change my style twice a day.

Farragut North Metro

Waitress to guy wearing a Soviet hockey jersey: CCCP? Who's that?
Customer: It's the Soviet Union.
Waitress: Oh, are they playing the Caps tonight?


Girl on cell: If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for Texas.


Guy: I don’t understand! What is a pork roll?
Jersey girl: It’s hard to explain… It’s like if bacon married awesome and they had delicious babies.