Eavesdrop DC

Bimbette: She went to beauty school, so she thinks she’s a cosmopolitician or something.


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Woman #1: So, you think he is?
Woman #2: No, you don't really think he is?
Woman #3: Hell, yes! I know he is. He is cheating on his wife and me. I'm gonna cut off his dick and then quit! That'll teach him.


Overheard by: Jon

Tourist at Folklife Festival: You’re just looking for an excuse to take a picture of a black person.


Female customs and border patrol officer: So I wasn't surprised when he left his wife for his girlfriend, but I was surprised by the domestic battery charge. But… you know how women can be.


Overheard by: Jan

Woman on cell, after next bus stop is announced: Did you hear that? The woman giving the announcement? It's the same woman every time. I wonder where she is.


Girl #1: I just want to tell her, ‘Just because you think the sun rises and sets in her vagina doesn’t mean we all have to.’
Girl #2: Seriously.


Geek: Yeah, I’m a big geek, but I still really like sex.


International Relations professor: If I was to go to San Diego, or any city I’ve never been to, give me 24 hours and I could tell you what, where, by whom, and how much the drugs are sold for… [Long pause] And, depending on the drug, perhaps even the quality.


[Girl hugging a guy.]Girl: Eew, you smell like vagina.
Guy: Oh no, that’s just Philadelphia.


Overheard by: EavesdropDC

Dude: It’s weird… All of the girls I dated turned slutty after I dated them. It’s totally unfair.