Student #1, viewing political cartoons of Egypt: There's a face on that rock!
Student #2: Because it's the sphynx!

New Hampshire

Film studies professor: Until the 1970s, no one realized that the world was divided into men and women.

Birmingham University

Professor, on possible Nazi allusions in animation: Well, it was a German film, and any time you hear German muttering, it’s harsh words and armbands.

Rhode Island School of Design
Rhode Island

Overheard by: Sandro

Light-skinned black woman: I’m just saying, I’d have been in the home and not in the fields.

Taco Mac
Atlanta, Georgia

Hobo #1: No matter how you look at it, a swastika is still a swastika.
Hobo #2: (nods in agreement)

Tucson, Arizona

Overheard by: Adam

Tween to friends: Imagine if Hitler gave everybody hugs!

Baltimore, MD

Tour guide: The vestal virgins would be raped and buried alive if they were no longer virgins. If they let the fire go out, they would just be buried alive.
Tourist: I dunno if that's any better.
Little old Japanese woman: Hey, at least the first way you get some thrills.


Little boy (pointing at large crucifix in graveyard): What is that guy doing?
Babysitter: That's Jesus.
Little boy: But why is he bloody? Is he dead?
Babysitter: Yes.
Little boy: But Jesus is still alive, isn't he? Why would somebody kill Jesus? And why would they make him go up on that thing?
Babysitter: You know what? It's a complicated story and we'll talk about it later.
Little boy: Bloody Jesus is scary.

Mission Santa Barbara, California

Drunk guy outside window: I didn't storm the beaches of Normandy so you could fly around on pieces of wood!

Montague Street

Overheard by: sarah (trying to sleep here!)

Professor, discussing an 18th century painting: Now, it is important to remember that at this time women did not wear panties. This is a beaver shot par excellence!

San José State University