Drag queens

Queen #1: Well, you know she’s bulimic now, right?
Queen #2: I know! It’s so sad! Once she loses all that weight she’s just going to figure out she has an ugly face.

–N Train

Overheard by: Andrea

Guy on cell: I’m walking to my room from breakfast. Then I’m going to take a dump. Then I’m going downstairs.

–Hallway, Marriott Courtyard Hotel

Barista walking in, to no one in particular: Unfortunately, I’m here.

–Starbucks, Brighton Beach

Overheard by: Robert

Lost tourist: We are stuck here in the middle of Times Square!

–Rockefeller Center

NYU girl on phone: Hello? No. No, I can’t meet you. Because I’m lost. I’m lost in the West Village. You know how the streets there get weird? I have no idea where I am. I’ve been wandering around for hours and I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back, ever! No, don’t try to find me, I haven’t seen any street signs in ages. Okay, see you tomorrow…maybe not.

–Union Square

Loud black drag queen yelling into cell: Bitch, don’t play with me! I know where you at!
(pause) Where you at?

–34th St & 8th Ave

Drag queen: Hey, were you in prison?
Angry man: Yeah, I was.
Drag queen: That’s where I know you from!
Angry man: Oh, yeah, hey! How are you?
Drag queen: I’m good. It’s so good to see you!

–E train, 42nd St