Girl #1 (super cheerfully): I learned that from Spiderman 3!
Girl #2: Gah! (quietly, while walking away) Why don't you just shut up?
Girl #1 (whining under her breath): Why don't you listen to meeeeeeee?

Pottery Class, University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: Just Me

Girl on cell to guy with glasses: Oh! Megan found your pants!
Guy with glasses, doing jazz hands: Yay!

Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: What…?

Mother to teenage daughter: Are you sure you don't want anything?
Skinny teenage daughter: Nah. (shrugs) My uterus isn't happy.
(mother raises a quizzical eyebrow)
Skinny teenage daughter: It's all like: “hello, I'm a uterus, and I'm going to bloat my way through for awhile, and push Ms Stomach organ out through Ms Bellybutton.”
Mother: Oh.

Burger King
Manhattan, New York

Overheard by: i just work here…

Very serious little boy: I just love the grocery store bathroom.
Confused mom: Why? What’s so great about it?
Little boy, wistfully: It’s just so peaceful…

Saratoga, California

Overheard by: shyinvisiblegirl

Little girl reading plastic bag: “Value village.” Value village? Do you know what that is?
Mother: It's a store.
Little girl: It just makes me so happy.


Enthusiastic law student: I love tiny spoons!


Overheard by: laura and matt

Perky middle-aged lady: And that’s what’s so interesting about salad dressing!

East Aurora
New York

Eight-year-old boy: So, is the birthday party going to be fun?
Six-year-old girl: Yeah!
Eight-year-old boy: Who knows? It could be a disaster!


Overheard by: working hard to make it a fun party.

White mother to teen daughters after black family walks by: I’m so glad you two aren’t black! Then I’d have to put all those little beads in your hair and–well I’m just really glad.

Versailles, Kentucky

Middle aged woman to another: It’s not the hot flashes that are so bad… It’s the depression.

Ft. Collins, Colorado

Overheard by: always listening