Guy to friends: I use condoms in town, but skeet out of town.

Nashville, Tennessee

Overheard by: Eve's dropper

Teenage girl to another: So you can do it! You are going to go there, have sex with him, and I am going to tickle it out of you!

Nashville, Tennessee

Drunk chick: So his penis ended up in my mouth. It just happens.

Backroom Tavern
Knoxville, Tennessee

Teen girl on phone: The chlamydia is inclusive.

Nashville, Tennessee

Professor: You just need to expose yourself! That's how you better yourself!

Middle Tennessee State Univ
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Overheard by: Libby K.

Blonde: Oh my god! Are you wearing makeup?
Black man in drag: Yes I am, sugar.
Blonde: Where did you get it?
Black man in drag: Um, the store.
Blonde: Do they make makeup for black people?

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Overheard by: Natalie

Drunk college guy: Is that Nala?
Drunk college chick: She is so pretty… Don’t you think she’s pretty?
Drunk college guy: I’m not really into cartoons…[after several seconds] I gotta say, though, Kim pretty hot.

Nashville, Tennessee

Overheard by: Megan

Teacher, on Rosh Hashanah: Dylan?
Dylan: Here.
Teacher: Katie?
Katie: Here.
Teacher: Adam?
Class: Jew.

Hume-Fogg High School
Nashville, Tennessee

Teen girl: So, like, did Adam and Eve have children?

Columbia, Tennessee

Older woman to her friend: You just don't ask your mother about your sex life. If you have questions, go ask your friends.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Overheard by: Perplexed