Old junkie guy #1: …So the bitch is fucking bitching about wearin’ a condom. She won’t let me bust my nut in her ’til I slap one on. So I do! And the bitch gives me crabs!
Old junkie guy #2: What a ho.

–Bx15 bus

Coworker #1: It looks like one of your clients is testing positive for gonorrhea or chlamydia.
Coworker #2: Kinky.

–Broadway & Canal

Overheard by: office peon loves her new job

Guy: You guys know what herpes are?
Teen boys: Uh…
Guy: Herpes are what you get from whorehouses. They look like…you know pretzel sticks with salt? 

–Brooklyn‐bound D train

Maxim staff #1: Yeah, we’re going to make you walk around in a plastic bubble or something.
Maxim staff #2: …NO, that is not THE RIGHT KIND of herpes!
Maxim staff #3: Is there a RIGHT kind of herpes?

–Midtown elevator

Brunette (looking at her crotch): Helllllllooooooo!?
Blonde: Are you talking to your vagina?
Brunette: No, my chlamydia.
Blonde: I think you’re talking to your vagina.

–Blockheads, 50th & 9th

Overheard by: Shirley

Childish woman, after burping: I have burpies!
Older, grossed out woman: You said it, not me!
Childish woman: What?
Older, grossed out woman: You just told everyone you have herpes!
Childish woman: I don’t have herpes! I have burpies!

–Q Train

Overheard by: Audrey

Girl #1: I keep getting urinary tract infections.
Girl #2: Well, maybe he has a dirty penis.
Girl #1: No, I wash it for him in the shower.

–Penn Station

Overheard by: Susan

Girl to friend: So, I found out that Jon has herpes and he never told me.
(friend looks at her in shock)
Girl: Not that kind of herpes, the other kind. But I talked to him about it. It’s pretty funny, actually. But he didn’t tell me. Well…we don’t really talk about stuff like that.

–110th St & Broadway

Headline by: ikki nikki

· “…Until I Googled Valtrex, That Is” — keeps on giving
· “Genital Sores Tend to Speak for Themselves” — DCGeek
· “So Long As He Keeps It in His Ass, It Doesn’t Affect Our Relationship” — BenGay
· “The Line for Guest Appearences on Maury Starts Here…” — John
· “We Don’t Want Things to Get Too Simplex” — erak
· “Which Is Why He Doesn’t Know About My Three Abortions” — Jesse
· “You Mean the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Kind Of Herpes?” — leoladie23

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Teen guy #1: And that was the third time I got syphilis!
(they enter store, then leave)
Teen guy #2: So, tell me about the second time.

–Metro North Station

Overheard by: theslyvegan and co