Girl to friend, walking from their car: Jesus, Amber, nobody thinks you have a penis.

Nashville, Tennessee

Girl #1: So I was wearing a tampon to go swimming yesterday.
Girl #2: Didn’t that hurt your fluffy bits?

Memphis, Tennessee

Granola guy: Yeah man, Ron Paul is awesome! He, like, votes no on everything.

Bonnaroo Festival
Manchester, Tennessee

Churchgoer to another: Did you fart? Something smells like buttermilk.

Methodist Church
Knoxville, Tennessee

Overheard by: Nick

Happy teacher: Welcome to creative writing class. This class is like us taking a hot bath. Together. With candles.

Harpeth Hall School
Nashville, Tennessee

Student: Hey bruh, can I ansuh?!
Teacher: Yeah, sure… Wait, what did you call me?
Student: Bruh?
Teacher, grining: That made my day!

Nashville, Tennessee

Drunk girl in bar: Dammit, bitch! Talk legible!

Memphis, Tennessee

Overheard by: James

Woman at table dining with friend: I mean, I love infectious diseases, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not my life.

Red Restaurant
Nashville, Tennessee

Overheard by: kyndgrrl

Wife: Would you still love me if I peed my pants?
Husband: Yep.
Wife: Would you still love me if I shit my pants?
Husband: We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Nashville, Tennessee

Curious brunette: Hey, is that casting agent friend of yours gay?
Exasperated brunette: No! That's the guy I sleep with sometimes. Why does everyone keep asking me that?

Rosepepper Cantina
Nashville, Tennessee

Overheard by: Amy Rose