Guy: I could be an astronaut.
Girl: You have to be like really really smart to be an astronaut, you have to have like a doctoral in engineering and a doctoral in space…

–Javitz Center

Good looking brunette: Yeah, then we talked about physics.
Intrigued girl pal: Oh, really? Why?
Good looking brunette: Not sure, but I remember it turned me on.
Intrigued girl pal: Oh…
(awkward silence)
Hot guy pal: (nods head)
Good looking brunette: What? I really like physics! Its the math… I really like math.

–Park Ave

Overheard by: angela

Asian nerd #1: Neutrons!
Asian nerd #2: … Subatomic particles!
Asian nerd #3: Velocity times speed equals… Power! [all start cheering and high-fiving one another.]

–Park Ave & 23rd St

Overheard by: …not very science-y

Southern tourist boy: Mommy! Look at the tops of the tall buildings… It looks like the clouds are standing still and the buildings are moving!
Mom: That's because the earth is turning so quickly, sweetie.

–Rockefeller Center

Overheard by: Bill O.

Crazy man on subway: Now that its almost the weekend, it is once again time for me to share my knowledge. Now, how many people here have seen the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones feature film Men in Black?
75-year-old British man: Oh, this will be wonderful. Very scientific.

–E Train

Girl #1: I think I want to take advanced physics.
Girl #2: What? That's math and science.
Girl #1: I know.
Girl #2: Together.
Girl #3: That's gay.

–Queensborough Community College

Professor, rolling up a blackboard to reveal a second blackboard that is covered in general chemistry: Oh god! Oh god…get it off! Ew!
(class laughs)
Professor: No, not the ideal gas law! We don't need that, we're organic chemists! There is no such thing as gas! No such thing as gas!
Student #1: Organic chemists are very sensitive.
Student #2: This is kind of tragic.

–Organic Chem Class, Barnard

Overheard by: Vicksburg

Blonde chick: I don’t understand. It’s stupid. You mutiply it by 4.
Brunette chick: No, there are 52 weeks in a year.
Blonde chick: No, you multiply the months by 4. 12 times 4, and you get 48.

–Columbia University

Overheard by: Bystander

Big girl #1: But the President is not in charge of every state!
Big girl #2: No, but lemme tell you how it works. Cuz lotsa peoples don't know. The President make laws but he can't do nothing unless the Senate vetoes it. I was in political science.

–188th St & Hillside

Girl #1: That place is so off the hook.
Girl #2: I totally need to go. What days is it open?
Girl #1: Yo, every day. Like 400 days a year.

–77th Street R station