Teen daughter: So, is this what you saw?
Mother: What?
Teen daughter: Is this what you saw when you took estrogen?

–Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era, Whitney Museum

Overheard by: flowerchild

JAP mom, looking at diorama of Neanderthals: Amanda was taking pictures of them before…
JAP daughter: It must be her goal weight.

–Museum of Natural History

Hipster to man pressing napkin against Annie Leibovitz picture to write down a number: What are you doing?! You can’t do that!
Russian man: Is okay — it happens.

–Brooklyn Museum

Overheard by: I swear, I didn’t know him!

Little girl looking at sculpture of Jessica Simpson: Look, Mommy — Britney Spears!

–Madame Tussauds

Overheard by: Mimbo

First grader: My aunt is a lesbian… Both of them.
Tour guide: Are they happy?
First grader: Yes! Yes! Are you a happy lesbian?

–Cloisters Museum, Fort Tryon Park

Overheard by: angry-lettuce

Little boy #1: We wanna go over there and see the shiny wall.
Little boy #2: Yeah, we wanna see the shiny wall.
Babysitter, waiting in line: Fine. But what’s the rule?
Little boys, together: Don’t get kidnapped!
Babysitter: Right. Have fun!


Adult daughter: Wait — so your friend in college had a pet alligator in his apartment? That’s so dangerous! Did it ever bite you?
Father: Yeah, but only once, and it was because I tried to fill it up with dirt.

–The Frick Museum

Boy looking at giant sculpture of newborn baby, frantic: Where’s the penis? Where’s the penis?! Where’s the penis?!
Younger sister, calmly: It’s a girl baby.

–Mueck exhibit, Brooklyn Museum

Overheard by: office peon waited for the Leibovitz

Mom: … But it was hopeless. But I was stuck there, like a little Dutch boy with my finger in a dike for two hours.
Daughter: Huh? Like, a girl?

–Basement of the MoMA

Six-year-old girl pointing to painting of naked man: I like that one!
Mom: You would.

–Brooklyn Museum