Girl #1: I’m all freaked out now! I bet you she’s pregnant! My sister’s pregnant!
Girl #2: I’m sure she’s not pregnant, you’re assuming the worst.
Girl #1: Oh my god! What if she has testicle cancer?!


Overheard by: monkey

Upset 20-something girl: I don't like things where things are things inside of things!

Drexel University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Zywiec

Drunk girl looking at digital camera: Sometimes I'm having such a good time I look Chinese.

Saint Joseph's University
Philadelphia, PA

Boy holding slinky: I feel weird.
Boy holding other end: It's okay. We've got a slinky!

High School
Eugene, Oregon

Reporter, at man's house after he hit someone at a kids' soccer game: Sir, how do you feel about your behavior?
Man, coming up to the door holding bowl of macaroni and cheese: I am ashamed. I slap my own face.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dude #1: Dude, if you're gonna artificially inseminate your sister's girlfriend, you gotta fuck her, right?
Dude #2: Absolutely!
Dude #1: Otherwise, you got no respect for yourself.


Overheard by: elizabeth

Intimidating black man on log flume: This ain't no romantic cruise!

Busch Gardens, Florida

12-year-old boy, enthusiastically: I like my genitalia!

Portland, Oregon

Attractive passerby: And then she was all like, “my parents would never press charges against you.” And I was so touched…

Houston, Texas

Muslim girl: I’m really emo, but you couldn’t tell from looking at me.
Other girl: Really?
Muslim girl: Yeah, but I don’t cut myself. Well, technically. It depends what you mean by cutting yourself.

University of Toronto