The Village

Teen girl #1: Damn, I’m so glad I went out with you and not your
Teen girl #2: Aw baby, me too.
Teen girl #1: I mean, you have like three times the personality and
ten times the looks.
Teen girl #2: Oh yeah, I know!

–Starbucks, 6th & Waverly

Hobo: Any change? Anything you got to give?
Suit: I wish I had something to give, but pretty soon, I’m going to be like you.
Hobo: My man, you cannot be this awesome.

–Bleecker & Lafayette

Tipsy chick #1: Like, I kept drinking, but it really didn’t taste like there was any alcohol in it. So I just kept drinking.
Tipsy chick #2: You are a fratboy’s dream.

–Macdougal between 3rd & Bleecker

Overheard by: djlindee 

NYU girl #1 with a low‐cut shirt: Oh my god, why is it so hot outside? My boobs are burning!
Hot NYU guy: Hey, Cindy*!
NYU girl #1: Oh, hey Sam*!
NYU girl #2, after guy passes by: He totally heard you say your boobs were burning.
NYU girl #1, embarrassed: I know.

–Washington Square South

Overheard by: might wanna get that checked out

Janet Reno Day One‐Liners

Short thug, holding baby, yelling at indie girl outside deli: My baby don’t like you! Don’t you ever come near my baby again! She thinks you got a ugly face!

–176th & Broadway

Overheard by: emily d.

Older woman to young couple proudly pushing baby stroller: That’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!

–2nd Ave & 10th St

Tourist to another: I thought New York was supposed to be filled with good‐looking people. My god, everyone here is so ugly!

–Midtown Bar

Husband to wife: Why do we always get ugly German nannies? Always! Why?

–Broadway & 13th St

Sober chick: Hey, c’mon, let’s go inside. It’s cold out here.
Tipsy chick: Okay… [Closes shirt.] Tell me if you see a nipple, ’cause that would just be awkward.
Sober chick: Of course.

–Spring & Elizabeth

Overheard by: Wear A Bra

New wave boy: You're like Lou Reed with a vagina.
New wave girl: Since when did he not have one?
Random stoner friend: Hey, do you want to get Indian food!?
New wave girl: What would Lou Reed do?

--2nd Ave &14th

Overheard by: Mischa

Bag lady: This guy killed my boyfriend!
Hobo: No, I didn’t! Not directly!
Bag lady: He gave him vodka so he fell into a bus!

–Broadway & Waverly

Drunk girl #1 coughs.
Drunk girl #2: If you vomit, I swear to God this friendship is over.

–Bleecker St

Overheard by: kellianne

Girl: What if I Bobsted?
Guy: I can’t believe you are asking me this.
Girl: Do you think my parents would at least get the 50 thousand back?

–Hayden Hall Residence elevator, Washington Square West