Guy: You’re such a slut.
Chick: That’s what my tattoo says!

Overheard by: tim

Girl: In case they forget our names, they’re right here on our vaginas.

1280 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, Georgia

Girl #1: Did you hear John* is thinking about getting a new tattoo?
Girl #2: Yeah? What's it gonna be?
Girl #1: He wants to get a kangaroo wearing gumboots, with a shovel over its shoulder. How classy is that?


Girl: I bet he would.
Friend: No, he wouldn’t.
Girl: I’ll call him now. [Dials] Hey, honey. Quick question: if I had a tattoo of a dick on the inside of my thigh about half an inch away from my pussy, would you lick it? [Pause] No. I said ‘if’… Well, no, I’m not saying it’s totally out of the question… Fine. We’ll talk about it when I get home. [To friend] See? I told you he would!

Bus stop
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Dana

Girl #1: So when is that thing you guys are doing?
Girl #2: Oh my god! You have to go! We're all going to get naked and walk around campus all day.
Girl #1: I honestly would, but I have tattoos in some really unconventional places.
Girl #2: Oh, I understand totally.

Chem Lab, William and Mary
Williamsburg, Virginia

Female student #1: What does your tattoo mean?
Female student #2: Courage.
Female student #1: I want to get a tattoo!
Female student #2: What do you want to get?
Female student #1: Across my back I want a fairy… wearing lingerie.
Female student #2: Oh… Okay… That would be nice…

Houston Community College
Houston, Texas

Pregnant, tattooed hipster: This is killing me. How can I go without ink for nine months?
Tattooed hipster friend: Oh, I know.


Wine girl #1: We should go get tattoos!
Wine girl #2: We totally should, I'll be divorced by morning!

Open Mic Night
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: only if it's my name on her ass

Woman in next dressing room: Oh my god, I always forget about my tattoo!

The Gap
Ridgewood, New Jersey

20-something girlfriend, pointing at “exit only–do not enter” sign: I should tattoo that on my butt.
20-something boyfriend: But then you would be single.

Lincoln Park
Chicago, Illinois