Middle-aged American tourist woman: The rooms here have strange plugs, I simply cannot use my curling iron! This is outrageous… I want to see the manager immediately!

Hotel Restaurant

Overheard by: Dru

Guy to pals: Dude, seriously — STDs are just Christian propaganda.

Riverbend Music Center
Cincinnati, Ohio

Overheard by: robby gigante

Man, pointing out the window, to his wife: Look, honey, they even have cars!

Overheard by: The Zipster

40-something: No one really knows just what goes into running a chicken farm.

Hebron, Kentucky

Overheard by: Let's Keep It That Way

20-ish girl: Where do you think is the best place to get molested?
Friend: Daycare?


Dude: Hey, let’s go find a shark and piss on it!

Navy Pier
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Sean

Teenage girl (matter-of-factly): My sister’s friend came over yesterday because it was Memorial Day. You know, because she’s a stripper.

Overheard by: yeah, that makes total sense…

Guy #1: Let’s see Grindhouse.
Guy #2: What’s that about?
Guy #1: Jesus.

Sunday school instructor: Hate is a very, very strong adjective.

Donkey Coffee
Athens, Ohio

Overheard by: Lisa

Roommate #1: God! I’m tired of all the gay people in Richmond.
Roommate #2: Yeah, seriously.
Roommate #1: There are so many gay people in my music classes.
Roommate #2: Really?
Roommate #1: Yeah, I’m tired of looking at them and imagining butt sex all the time.

Richmond, Virginia