Rich people

Girl #1: I have to go to a wine‐tasting tonight for some charity.
Girl #2: What’s the charity?
Girl #1: I don’t know, some kind of dystrophy. 

–In front of the Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle

Overheard by: Frances E. Flynn

Man on cell: Was there a lot of bleeding? [unintelligible reply] Well, was it four sheep or five? [reply] We have to find a way to separate the cows from the sheep.

–Elevator, 56th & 8th

Drunk girl, yelling: All I want is a llama! Another cocktail and a llama!

–Terminal 5

Dude: So you’re enjoying acting, LA, monogamy, horses?

–Cafe Esperanto

Chick to friend: I don’t care how well you clean it, I am not doing shots out of that alligator!


Overheard by: lalala

Swanky pin‐stripe suit on cellphone: The little shit will definitely get approved. He’s as healthy as a French gay ox.

–51st & 3rd

Overheard by: IG

Young black dude: You know the movie The Lion King? Yeah The Lion King! …You know, the one with all the tigers.

–4 Train

Overheard by: BQM lady

Man: Manatees are the most peaceful creatures in the world… They get hit by motor boats!

–Astor Place

Businesswoman #1: So I had to go in this little booth, and it has these tiny holes that shoot air at you! And I was like “What on earth is this for?” and the security guy said “Oh, it’s so we can get a sense of your aura.” I mean really, they don’t let you get on a plane if your aura is bad?
Businesswoman #2: Wow, I guess so. Airport security is getting really tight these days.
Businesswoman #1: Seriously.

–50th & 7th

Overheard by: Arielle

Rich girl #1: I feel like I haven’t done anything today. I just woke up and got high.
Rich girl #2: No, you donated a tampon. That’s like, totally a tax write‐off!

–LaGuardia Airport

Overheard by: Dianne

Waspy woman #1, walking into J.Crew: It smells like J.Crew!
Waspy woman #2: It smells so good!

–J.Crew, Soho

Filthy rich mom #1: I don’t know what I’ll do this summer. I mean, my nanny has a life.
Filthy rich mom #2: Ugh, I know. That’s exactly the trouble.

–Collegiate School, W 78th St

Middle‐aged rich woman: Do you want to have time to have dinner tonight, honey?
Middle‐aged rich man: How the hell should I know? Call my assistant!
Middle‐aged rich woman: The next time I call your assistant will be the day after I’ve just fucked him.

–72nd St & Madison Ave

Overheard by: felix

Saleswoman: Hi, can I help you?
Rich woman: (ignores her)
Saleswoman: Hello…? Hi. How are you? Can I help?
Rich woman: What do you want?
Saleswoman: Um…I was just saying hello?
Rich woman: Oh! You were being friendly! How cute! Hello to you, too.

–3rd & Madison Ave

Bookstore girl to six‐year‐old in suit: Hey little boy, are you lost? Where is your nanny?
Six‐year‐old: I don’t know, but I see my driver outside!

–Bookstore, Upper East Side

Overheard by: AlphaNYC

Suit #1: So I’d been working out for two hours a day, almost daily, for a few months.
Suit #2: How was that?
Suit #1: Well I wasn’t losing any weight, so then I remembered… I’m really rich, I could just get lipo.

–Nassau & Wall St.

Overheard by: slave for the man