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Preppy teenage girl #1, before Sex and the City movie: Oh! I heard that Jennifer Hewitt is in this movie!
Preppy teenage girl #2: No, it's Jennifer Hudson.
Preppy teenage girl #1: Whats the difference?
Preppy teenage girl #2: Jennifer Hewitt is the white actress who made a CD and can't sing and was in the Garfield movie. Jennifer Hudson is the black girl from American Idol who won an Oscar for that movie with Beyonce.
Preppy teenage girl #1: Are either one of them singing in this movie?
Preppy teenage girl #2: I don't know.
(long pause)
Preppy teenage girl #3: Speaking of black people, I got in trouble for being racist at work today.

Plano, Texas

30-something woman to 20-something woman: I had a crush–a psychotic crush–on Viggo Mortensen, and only you would understand. I hallucinated that he read me poetry!

Norman, Oklahoma

Mom: Why is the tv on with the mute on?
Daughter #1: Cause of the pretty moving pictures!
Daughter #2: Yeah! It's like an aquarium, but with Tom Hanks.

Upper Hutt
New Zealand

Overheard by: Kat

Old lady to emo girl: Al Gore is really saving the earth.
Emo girl wearing bag that says “go green”: Wait… Who's Al Gore?

Ketchikan, Alaska

Overheard by: Claire

Tall goth girl to rotund, geeky friend: She’s a fat black goth! Kinda like if you, me, and Bill Cosby joined forces.

Denver, Colorado

Dudely dude: You know Heart of Darkness, by Marlon Brando…

Ithaca College
Ithaca, New York

Guy: I wonder if any of these bombs are still functional. That way, we know where to go for supplies in the zombie apocalypse.
Girl: What? You idiot, you don't use nuclear power against zombies! They're already dead, so they can't get cancer and die! You would just wind up with a bunch of radioactive zombies!
Guy #2: Yeah, then it's just like Spiderman, but with radioactive zombies instead of Tobey Maguire and spiders!

Atomic Power Museum
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Overheard by: Amred

Girl: “Pokemon Stadium,” is just stupid. If the other Pokemon does some confusion attack, you just end up slapping yourself or some shit. No one gets so confused they hurt themselves!
Boy: Tell that to Danny Bonaduce.

Worcester, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Katie

Professor: So a nasal quality of voice would be–you all know who Fran Drescher is, right?
Emo kid: She hurts my soul.

Memorial University, St. John's

Overheard by: Mel

College girl #1: So did I tell you I’m going on a celibacy kick this semester? To cleanse myself.
College girl #2: Oh, really?
College girl #1, picking up GQ magazine with Rachel Bilson on the cover: Ugh, I’ve lost all respect for her. She’s such a slut.


Overheard by: Lindsay