About celebrities

Random guy: He's like a cross between Michael Jackson and a Swiss Army knife.


Redhead: You seriously don’t know where Bruce Willis was born?
Brunette: No.
Redhead: I can tell you where half the actors I’m in love with were born.
Brunette: Honey, I can’t even tell you where half the men I’ve slept with were born.
Redhead: That’s true.
Brunette: Hell, I’m lucky if I remember their last names.

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Goth girl wearing blue beehive wig: So Morgan Freeman, a college professor, and a hot guy walk into a ska club.
Friend: And?
Goth girl: Oh, there's no punchline, that actually happened.

Denver, Colorado

Chick #1: Mike Dunleavy went to a Catholic school, and Troy Murphy went to a Jesuit school.
Chick #2: They're star-crossed lovers! One is a Catholic, the other a Jesuit!

Pepsi Center
Denver, Colorado

Museum employee: I'm from Minnesota, originally.
Guy: I lived in Minnesota for a while, a long time back. Nice place, but there was way too much of that one guy. You know, that guy? The little guy? With “purple …”?
Museum employee: …Prince?
Guy: Yeah, that's the one.

Art Museum
Denver, Colorado

Guy to girl: You know, Mandy Moore made a bad decision going brunette. Now she looks like you, if you were a crack whore.

Oberlin College
Oberlin, Ohio

Overheard by: emily

Barista #1: Yeah, Joey does a great Tim Gunn impression. You should ask him to do it for you.
Barista #2: I will. So you really like Project Runway?
Barista #1: Oh my god, yes! Like, I should totally be on that show.
Barista #2: Yeah? Do you do fashion design?
Barista #1: Well, no. But I dress myself really well. And I have really good ideas. But I can't really sew or anything.

Fairborn, Ohio

Overheard by: Barista #3

Middle-aged woman to college-aged son: … And that’s when George Foreman had a choice.

Chicago Art Institute
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Kate

Girl: And it's not like Jeffery Dahmer crazy, it's like Mel Gibson crazy.

Coffee Shop
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Chubby guy on cell: You know it’s bad when Bon Jovi shows up.

Westminster, Maryland

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