Fag hags

Girl #1, listening to John Denver: This is a great song. Especially if you're gay. You should have this at your wedding.
Girl #2: Well, if I marry a gay guy, it'll be great.

Phildelphia, Pennsylvania

Girl: So I think he's taken our relationship a step further.
Gay friend: Oh! What, did he ask you out?
Girl: No.
Gay friend: Did he finally tell you he likes you?
Girl: No! Nothing like that.
Gay friend: Then what?
Girl: He started talking to me exclusively in D&D jargon!
Gay friend: See, this is why we have different tastes in men.

Burlington, Vermont

Overheard by: Doesn't play D&D

Girl: So, my boyfriend couldn’t take off my bra. I told him I’d wear the front-clasp one next time. He was like, ‘I don’t want your pity bra!’ Wanna try?
Queer pal, trying to remove bra: Oh my god! This is not a pity bra! This is the meanest bra in the whole world!