Health & Hygiene

Girl #1: I’ve been feeling so weird lately.
Girl #2: You’re probably pregnant.
Girl #1: … What?
Girl #2: I was kidding.
Girl #1: Oh-fuck-oh-fuck-oh-fuck — when was my last period?!

Piccadilly Line

Overheard by: BoogyFantastic

Girl, getting wash and cut: Then I was walking around for a few months without an elbow.
Stylist: Wow!
Girl: So finally in July they put my elbow back in.
Stylist: Well, that's good.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Overheard by: porkchop on a stick

Chick #1, to class: Sorry I stink. I just got back from soccer practice.
Chick #2: That’s okay. My cat peed on my shirt before I left the house.

Palm Bay, Florida

Wannabe hipster girl: I'm anorexic!
Wannabe hipster friend: No way!
Wannabe hipster girl: No, seriously! I'm anorexic since lunch.
Wannabe hipster friend: Okay.

Overheard by: the actual hipsters were way more polite

Guy #1: Are you gonna get tested?
Guy #2: I think the Lauren thing pretty much takes care of it.
Guy #3: You should still get tested.
Guy #2: Yeeeah, but I don’t like getting blood taken from me and I don’t have any like, symptoms, so…
Guy #3: Well, I haven’t seen your penis.

Simon Fraser University
British Columbia

Emo teen girl with water bottle: I mean, it’s not like I’m drinking all this just to pass a drug test. It would be nice to pass one, though…

Jenks, Oklahoma

Little girl #1 (holding a Patrick Star toy): Mommy, mommy! Can I get this?
Scary mom: No.
Little girl #1: Why?
Scary mom: Because last time we bought one of those was the day you had your seizure.
Little girl #1 (running around the store and flapping her arms): My seizure, my seizure!
Little girl #2 (also running and flapping): Your seizure, your seizure!

Kings Island, Ohio

Huge guy with a Mohawk: It worries me that I can't smell my deodorant.

Grocery Store
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Deana

Trendy girl: I can barely find the energy to ambulate!

Overheard by: try walking

Mother to little boy: Stop that! You're gonna hurt your scrotum!

Boston, Massachusetts