Teen girl #1: Having a disease must suck.
Teen girl #2: Yeah. If I had AIDS, I would die.

–Union Square

Overheard by: Snoopy

Brainiac: Maybe AIDS wouldn’t be such a problem in Africa if they’d stop buttfucking each other so much.

–Midtown office

Old man #1: Man, that’s nasty.
Old man #2: Why do you say that? You don’t like to orally please your woman?
Old man #1: Man, I am afraid of getting AIDS in my teeth.

–51st & 5th

Pissed off gay guy on phone: What should you have said? Oh, I don’t know, maybe “Hi, I’m Michael, I have syphilis!”

–13th & Broadway

Guy: That’d be a great gig, but I don’t know if you want to be the face of venereal disease.

–Cafe Esperanto

Woman coming off train: Get away from me! You got AIDS on yo’ dick!

–R Train

Overheard by: going to the clinic

Chick: As long as it’s not AIDS it’s okay. I’m vaccinated against everything except AIDS.

–Columbia University

20‐something male talking to friend: You know the way I see it: AIDS will kill you, herpes is just an inconvenience…

–34th between 2nd and 3rd

Overheard by: LadyEDdy

Columbia student, on her public health exam: I just didn’t know where to put the gonorrhea! It had to go somewhere, I just couldn’t figure out where!

–School of Public Heatlh, Columbia University

Loud guy: So he gave her a venereal disease. That’s not a reason to marry her!

–Blue Hill Restaurant

Girl, 9: Is that your ADD talking?
Boy, 9: What? I don’t have that disease!
Girl, 9: A‑D‐D doesn’t spell AIDS! 

−−1÷9 train

Overheard by: Nicole A.

Teen girl #1: I hated those guys sitting behind us. I just wanted to bash their heads in!
Teen girl #2: What? The HIV people?
Teen girl #1: Wait…what?

–Paley’s Museum of Radio and Television

Black guy #1: Lady, don’t sit next to that man, he’s got aids, motherfucker.
Black guy #2: Who you talkin’ bout aids? I went to prison for ten years and I don’t have no aids. Peace, brother.
Black guy #1: I tell you he got aids, motherfucker!
Black guy #2: Peace, brother, peace.
Black guy #1: Aids, motherfucker!

–PATH Train

Gay dude to girl friend: Stupid‐ass Aids‐filled cancer patient.
Girl friend: That’s why you’re gonna die tomorrow.

–1 Train

Overheard by: Glory

Blonde: There were three of them; they were twins.

–Lunasa Bar, East Village

Guy on cell: You thought you had the right information, but you didn’t have your dots crossed.

–B46 Bus

Overheard by: Brooklynluva

Latino girl in park: Don’t read it, bitch, just put it on. It’s good, it’s sunblock. It protects you from the UVs and huh… The HIV positives, or whatever.

–125th St & Riverside

Overheard by: nearby park bather

Middle‐aged guy: It took me forever to find this building; it was confusing because all the numbers were written with letters.

–One (oops, “1”) E 53rd Street

Guy: Nathan’s the only one that’s never lied to me.
Ditzy girl: Oh, yeah? What about me? I’ve never lied to you!
Guy: You did lie to me. That one time you told me you had Aids/cancer. I looked that up. It doesn’t exist!

–Bobst Library, NYU

Overheard by: Krys