Black people

Dude: Yeah, you know how it be. I’ll check ya later. Yo, this is Tylenol, I’m out!

Overheard by: gee and drew

Middle-aged black man #1: She has a pretty face.
Middle-aged black man #2: I can’t fuck a face!

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Tad Allagash

Black girl #1: Okay, I know what I’m getting. Do you know what you’re getting?
White girl: I’ve never been here before. Let me look for a while. [Pauses, then yells.] Wait a minute! Popeye’s a sailor; Why does he sell chicken?
Black girl #2: Oh my god, shut up now or no more vodka for you for the rest of the night!
White girl: Okay. [Giggles.] I’m sorry.
[Black girls start talking to each other.]White girl, yelling: Why are there no white people in here?!
Black girl #1: Aww fuck, take her outside to the car. This is her first and last time ever coming here!

Trenton, New Jersey

Drunk black gangster guy, on Tel Aviv centennial celebration: I am Moses! I am Moses!
(traffic light changes, he throws arms up in air) Israelis, you may now walk!

Tel Aviv

Overheard by: E-lad

Black lady #1, after riding Superman: Did you sit on them tree sides?
Black lady #2: No, I didn't.
Black lady #1: You should've! You could see them motherfuckin' trees! And I was like “what the fuck!” I mean, I was cussing my ass off!
Black lady #2: So that was you?

St. Louis, Missouri

Overheard by: Emma

Black woman in the ER on cell: You killed him? What do you mean you “killed him”?

Chestnut Hill Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Large black woman: They were the finest people on the block, but man, were their kids ugly!

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Overheard by: Jyoshiki

Loud black lady in long line: Girl, I know how you feel! Every time I try to buy a pregnancy test, there gotta be a big ordeal! The line too long, or there someone you know.
Girl with pregnancy test, embarrassed and chuckling: Yeah…
Loud black lady: I wish I could just go in my toilet, then push a button and have my toilet say, ‘Uh-huh, you pregnant today!’

Van Wert, Ohio

Overheard by: Woah, that’s not a bad idea…

Older black man: You love sex! You do! Just admit it!
Young black guy: I won't admit it!
Older black guy: Yes you will! Yes you will!

Fremont Street
Las Vegas, Nevada

Black girl, holding up picture she drew of black Jesus: My hero is Jesus Christ.
White kid: Jesus isn't black.
Black girl: Yes, he is!
White kid: No, he's white!
Uncomfortable teacher: Now, now, let's just say Jesus is all colors!

Art Class, Middle School