Girl #1: He fine.
Girl #2: Who? Anakin?
Girl #1: Yeah.
Girl #2: Finer den Usher?
Girl #1: Nah, nobody finer den Usher.

–The Pavilion, Park Slope

Black guy: Yo, fuck the Jedi. It’s all about the Dark Side. I’m the other Dark Lord you’ve been looking for.

–86th & Lexington

Overheard by: Joshua S.

Girl: Oh my god, all this time I thought I was a Buddhist, but I’m really a Sith.

–UA movie theater, Union Square

Overheard by: Lara Evangelista

Old man #1: I don’t know what happened! The other day I was 22 years old. Time really goes by, doesn’t it?
Old man #2: It sure does… I’m 76.
Old man #1: That is good… I hope heaven is nice.

–PATH station, 9th St

Polish girl #1: Was that the Cardinal over there?
Polish girl #2: No. The Cardinal wears red.
Polish guy: Oh man! If the Pope was on top of the Cardinal, that would be so Polish!
Polish girls: …
Polish guy: No! I mean, like the flag!

–Pulaski Day Parade, 5th Ave & 52nd St

Overheard by: J. G. Lapinski

Son: Daddy, what’s that?
Father: That’s the Watchtower.
Son: What do they do there?
Father: That’s where they teach people how to ring doorbells.

–B train, Manhattan Bridge

Overheard by: Meg

A guy is ogling two girls.

Girl #1: Oh, no. What do you do when a Jewish guy won’t stop staring at you?
Girl #2: The sign of the cross.

–Starbucks, Queens

A tourist stops in front of the Free Stress Test table.

Tourist lady: How much for the stress test?
Scientologist guy: 8 bucks.

–Times Square station

Tall guy to short guy: You gotta have a beer.
Short guy: Why do I have to have a beer if I am a rabbi?

–Grand & Broadway

Little old lady #1: Every daughter is a daughter of the Man!
Little old lady #2: True, very true.

–112th & Broadway

Overheard by: Bad Minkey

Old Jewish woman to very nervous Asian 25-year-old bride to be: Honey, I've been married 53 years. The secret to a great marriage? Give him lots of sex. Lots of good sex.

–Dumbo, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Tanya

Man on cell: I told her I would convert. We could go to Vegas and get married next week, no problem.

–64th & Amsterdam

Woman on phone: My ex-boyfriend was 24 and he was able to support me, and you're 35 on an engineer's salary and you can't do the same. Do you know how many guys are begging to marry me, and can give me a dowry? So fuck you!

–Target Store, Brooklyn

Hispanic woman on phone: So where are you now? You already married him? Oh, okay. See you later.

–28th & Park Avenue South

Overheard by: Alie

Five-year-old boy to teacher about five-year-old girl next to him: We're going to get married. (to five-year-old girl) What's your name again?

–61st & Amsterdam

Boy, after watching An Inconvenient Truth: Do you believe in god?
Girl: I believe in mother nature.
Boy: You don't believe in god?
Girl: I mean, I do… But I believe this is happening because of nature.
Boy: But you believe in her?
Girl: What?
Boy: Mother nature?
Girl: Mother nature is not like a person… It's just a saying for nature.
Boy: Wait… What? Oh… (pause) I thought she was like a tree or something.

–Regal Cinema, Union Square

Overheard by: Noeman Samdani