Sloppy Seconds

Hispanic man #1, on bus: Yo, my hand smells like pussy.
Hispanic man #2: Yeah, now she gonna go home and kiss the other guy, and then he gonna, and you were just there.
(hysterical drunken laughter)
Hispanic man #3: I haven’t gotten pussy in a while, though. Since last summer.
Hispanic man #1: Yeah, you know I just love getting my dick sucked.

–Q58 Bus

Hipster guy to hipster chick: …and he’s like, “I didn’t come; why is there so much come all over?” And she’s like, “Oh, you’re number 23.” So he’s like, “Oh, okay.” And he starts pounding away again!

–Bedford & 11th, Williamsburg

Overheard by: Kaitlen

Woman, with her mouth about an inch from a guy, about to kiss him: I can’t, I already had sex with three guys today.

–Grand Central

Overheard by: Derek

Girl to friend: I’m really worried about her. I think she has a serious case of slutism.

–66th & Columbus

Preppy girl on cell: Yeah, so apparently “Happy hour Tuesday” equals “Walk of shame Wednesday.” I just wish I could’ve been working at my job for more than a week before I walked in reeking of shame and spermicide. (pause) Actually, I wish the spermicide thing was true. Then I wouldn’t have to drop $50 bucks today on plan B.

–Wall St

Teenage boy on cell: She’s still sleeping with my brother. I mean, my brother is sleeping with like ten other girls…but she’s in his regular rotation.

–Starbucks, Montague Street

NYU student on cell: But logic doesn’t call you back. Logic sleeps with you and leaves in the morning.

–Kimmel Center

Hobo: Excuse me, miss, can I have a kiss?
Girl #1: Um, no. I have to go. Bye!
Hobo: Well, what about your friend?
Girl #2: …No. What am I to you, next in line?

–99th & Amsterdam

Overheard by: Ally 

20‐something #1: And she was telling me how she was going out with Mike that night and I was saying to myself, “that’s kind of weird, because I made out with him first.“
20‐something #2: Did you say that?
20‐something #1: Well, I had to say something. And she said, “don’t worry, he’ll be the last guy we share.”

–F Train

Bimbette #1: So then I found out he hooked up with Amy while I was peeing in the bathroom.
Bimbette #2: Did you still sleep with him?
Bimbette #1: Yeah, of course! Why should I let her have all the fun? I just don’t know what to do now, though cause I feel like I had her sloppy seconds.
Random lady sitting in front of them: Girls can you shut the hell up already? I’m trying to enjoy a quiet train ride home. No one here cares who you slept with, we all know you’re gonna be with a different guy next week, anyway.
(girls jump up and run out of train car, one in tears)

–Penn Station

Overheard by: Couldn’t hold back the laughs

Hare Krishna guy hawking meditation books: I hate this fucking city, fucking assholes. Fuck. Fuck this city!

–Union Square Station

Girl on phone: So, how’s Dan? (pause) Oh, fuck Dan!

–South Ferry Terminal

Teenage boy to another in idling train: We made up an expression just to see if he would start saying it too. We started saying “fuck my dick!” Like, I dropped my pencil and said “fuck my dick!” You know? And he started sayin’ that shit, yo!

–G Train

Overheard by: lucyruth

Guy on cell: Listen, I can fuck whoever the fuck I wanna fuck, whenever the fuck I wanna fuck. I choose not to fuck you.

–42nd St b/w 3rd & Lexington

Overheard by: julie f

Late 40s suit to another: Yeah, so I say to him, just to be polite,“yeah, I’d fuck her”, then he says “yeah, but I’d fuck her after you were done with her!”

–Met Life Building

Conductor: Please move all the way in, please, people, move all the way in, stand clear of the closing doors. People! (turns microphone off, shouts) Nobody fucking listens to me!

–F Train

Overheard by: BLAH

NYU undergrad girl #1: No, I did not have sex with him five hours after you did!
NYU undergrad girl #2: Whatever…

–Washington Square Park

Overheard by: Glad not still in college

Black guy #1: I’ve been banging her for four weeks now.
Black guy #2: Word!
Black guy #1: Yo, I just found out Ty was banging her, too.
Black guy #2: Man! You can take the ho out of the Bronx but you can’t take Bronx out of the ho.

–F train platform, Bryant Park station

Overheard by: Sal S.