White People

Thin white guy, handing out show fliers: You like white people?
Huge black guy wearing leather jacket: Why, yes I do!

–Times Square

Overheard by: Hanna

White mom: Does this train stop at Canal Street?
Black guy: Yeah, it goes there, it goes there. It’s not going there anytime soon. ‘Cause you know what the MTA stands for? Might Take Awhile.

–E train

White guy #1: I was listening to Celia Cruz.
Spanish guy: Yeah, I've been to Santa Cruz.
White guy #2: What? Santa Claus?

–48th & 6th

Waspy woman #1, walking into J.Crew: It smells like J.Crew!
Waspy woman #2: It smells so good!

–J.Crew, Soho

White guy talking about his ex-girlfriend: Then she was like “Oh, I’m getting married. I want you to be part of my wedding.” She was like “You can be my brides-man.”
Even whiter friend: What? Like a groom?
White guy: No! A brides-man.

–6 Train

Overheard by: playtoe

Drunk white girl #1: African Americans smoked a lot of weed back in the day.
Drunk white girl #2: Yeah! That's why they're so strong and shit today. Weed is what made the blacks strong!
Drunk white girl #1: Oh… Did I say “African Americans”? I meant to say “American Indians.”
(both laugh)

–Outside Le Bar Bat, Hell's Kitchen

White guy: Yo, what up my nigga?
Black guy: Chillin’, bro.
White chick #1: Did you hear what he just said?
White chick #2: Yeah, but it’s OK, he said nigga, not nigger.

–Sullivan Street

Overheard by: Uncle Ray Ray

White girl #1: Dude, I just knocked off work.
White girl #2: Where you working?
White girl #1: The florist.
White girl #2: Dude, that’s pretty gangster.

–Central Park

Black guy: When I was little I had an inferiority complex because I was the only kid in my school with nappy hair since I went to a white school.
White chick: I think I read a book about that once.

–118th & Broadway

Overheard by: Alison R.

Old white woman: Oh, it’s so windy today!
Black girl: Word. My weave’s about to blow off my head.
Old white woman: I hear that.

–M66 bus