Cracked out old lady: Yeah, I think it's time for me to get a new dildo.
Cracked out old guy: Oh, really? Why?
Cracked out old lady: I don't know… I'm not getting the same vibrations anymore. You should tell your wife to get one.
Cracked out old guy: Nahh, I don't think she'd enjoy it…
Cracked out old lady: Yeah, true, true.

Surrey, BC

Spaced-out kid: And I think it was some kind of message in that out-of-body experience. Like, it was my soul trying to tell me that after I finished puking, I should take a shower.
Teenage queer: Your dreams are fucked.

St. Andrew’s College

Professor: I’m on drugs… And they’re not fun.

Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

Overheard by: thereallc

Smug TA: While I was with her I was doing crack. She had no idea.

Auraria Campus
Denver, Colorado