Frat Boys

College boy #1: So, I went to this comedy club last night to see some friend’s routine..
College boy #2: Yeah?
College boy #1: Yeah. They were pretty good, but these girls also did a routine, and girls are never funny. And these girls were fat, too, so there was just really no upside to it.
College boy #2: Right.

–Dodge Fitness Center, Columbia University

College bro #1, walking quickly: And then we can cum on the floor!
College bro #2: Yeah, dude! Cum on the floor!

–University Place

Overheard by: Wondering Whose Floor

Dude: Do you mean the guy you threw up on?
Chick: Yeah, but not the frat boy, the other one.

–Silver building, NYU

Fratboy: A dude was walking around the dorm last night cradling a turd.
Chick: Eww! Like a real piece of poop?
Fratboy: Yeah, it was huge, really impresive.
Chick: Oh, that’s cool then.
Fratboy: At first I thought it was an otter.

–53rd & 10th

Overheard by: Bob Konkel

College girl, sniffing jacket sleeve: This smells bad.
College boy: Is it vomit?
College girl: No, because I didn't wear it last night.

–Greenwich & 7th Ave

Overheard by: Carla

Fratboy: So my mom asks me the other day, “Do you plan on working 5 days a week, then going on 2 day benders for the rest of your life?”. I was like, “yeah”. What should I be doing, staying home and watching television with her?


Drunk jock: She left cuz she said she was hungry. Well, I'll put that fuckin' falafel on my dick!

–LaGuardia & W 4th

Overheard by: Not drunk

College guy to no one in particular: She was trying to suck my dick! …so I slapped her with it!

–Port Authority

Overheard by: Kate V.

Woman to man: See, I don't have a dick, I have a pussy, but I told him to suck my dick.

–South Park Slope

Drunk guy outside subway entrance: Racism can go suck a dick! I don't care who you are, if you're racist, I. Will. Fight. You.

–Central Park Entrance

Overheard by: HAIR-y

Woman to another: I never had to dress up my vagina to get a dick. An old man would have had me pinned against a wall in a second.

–Century 21 Store

Girl on cell: Yeah, well, you know what his defense was? (pause) Yeah, he tried to tell the judge he couldn't have done it because his dick was too huge. (pause) I know! And it gets better! He wanted to make a plaster of Paris mold of his dick to prove it was too big! (pause) Oh, I'm serious. (pause) Yeah, no…I don't know what he was going to do with the mold of his dick. Maybe he was gonna submit it as Exhibit A or something, and shove it up in her to prove his point.

–Penn Station

Man: All I want is vaginal fluids. Been locked up for years upstate.

–Astor Place

Hipster dude: It smells like dirty vagina out here.

–Graham & Richardson, Williamsburg

Amateur gynecologist: I mean, when you think about it, he’s really just a big vagina with sand in it.

–93rd & 3rd

Frat guy: I don’t know, man…I just don’t trust her vagina.

–Outside Ray’s Pizza, Houston St

Overheard by: Becky

Chubby teen: I’ve never even touched a vagina!

–100th & Amsterdam

Worker: They had a bet on who ate the best pussy. They get on the stage and take turns going down on her.

–32nd & Madison

Woman, to store clerk: Excuse me, do you knows where the pussy products is?

–Duane Reade, 45th & 6th

Drunk frat boy to other drunk frat boy: Fuck you!
Hobo, overlooking: Not if I get there first!

–1 Train

NYU guy: You saw Notorious? How was it?
NYU girl: I didn't even know I was going to a movie, I thought we were going to a concert.
NYU guy: He's dead, you know.
NYU girl: Well, now I know.

–Uptown 6 Train