Female art student: I love people who fit into a stereotype!
Flamingly gay art student: I like being racist.
Female art student: What?!


College student #1: Yeah, it was in Brooklyn. I had to take, like, the L. I've never even heard of that!
College student #2: The L? Wow!


Professor, after student coughs: Yes. Yes. I'm just getting over my cold. You saw me! In the theater, I was a row ahead of you!
Student: Yeah…
Professor, with infinite sadness: I had a coughing fit. I…I just…melted. I melted.


NYU girl: I'm not surprised that she has mono. I mean, she's been a slut for a while now. It was bound to catch up with her.
Friend: Yeah, she's a reverse jukebox.
NYU girl: A what?
Friend: You know how you put money into a jukebox and it makes noise? Guys put their dicks in her to make her shut the fuck up.

–NYU Silver Center

Chick #1: Wow, I like your pants.
Chick #2: Thanks. I’m a really big fan of superfluous buttons.


Girl on cell: No, no, I’m not anywhere near there…No, I’m in Manhattan City, visiting a school.

–NYU Bookstore, Washington Place

Overheard by: Meghan

(hipster walks in wearing bright turquoise unicorn hat)
Professor: Are you pledging something?
Hipster: No, I am a unicorn.

–NYU Silver Building

Overheard by: sarah

Party girl: Did you see Mark last night? I mean, he was doing coke off a hooker's ass.
Party queer, pouting: I so did that last week, and no one even said anything…

–Third North Courtyard, NYU

Overheard by: this is why I don't want anyone to know I go to NYU

Drunk girl to random sober guy: Bacon! My hands are like bacon!
Sober guy: What are you, drunk?
Drunk girl: Just very, very, very hungry.
Sober guy: Proceed.


NYU journalism professor: Okay, so who invented the European letter press in the 15th century?
Attentive female student in the back: Jesus!
(TA giggles)