Female art student: I love people who fit into a stereotype!
Flamingly gay art student: I like being racist.
Female art student: What?!


Old Asian lady to black man, in thick accent: You stay back! (clutches her purse)
(white girl watching shakes head, laughs in disbelief)
Black man: Oh, like you know what’s up, white girl.
White girl: Oh, I’m Jewish. She probably hates me, too. (pause, then sadly) Now the whole train probably hates me.

–1 Train

Bodega guy: Hey, weren’t you at the Mets game?
Black guy: I’d rather be at a motherfuckin’ Ku Klux Klan rally.

–Bodega, Market & Monroe

Overheard by: benjamin lightle 

Older white woman: Can you tell me where you have the Ku Klux Klan Christmas cards?
Young Hispanic clerk: Excuse me?
Older white woman: A friend of mine told me he saw KKK Christmas cards somewhere, and I’m trying to find them. I know it doesn’t sound too nice, but I think he’s just going to use them to make a black joke or something.


Overheard by: Black woman trying to maintain her cool

Tween girl on cell: I can’t believe there are still Ku Klux Klan members around. Isn’t that, like, so fifties?

–FAO Schwarz

Overheard by: Like, so someone who overheard this

Asian schoolgirl to friend: So he says “you’re a racist,” and I’m like, “I can’t be a racist, I’m a race!”

–Ridgewood, Queens

Overheard by: Squidocto

Fair‐skinned Italian Long Island woman: So they both took a paper bag test, and passed.

–Barnes & Noble Cafe

Overheard by: a.j.w.

Yuppie Indian woman: In *my* culture, I’m not black.

–Flatbush Ave

Overheard by: mojbe

Ridiculously loud girl employee: Bobby! What’s your ethnicity?


Overheard by: …not the only shocked observer

Eight‐year old black kid to 20‐something babysitter, about younger brother: He likes black girls, but I like white girls!

–Outside Delancey Station

Really white guy (loudly): Who is that fucking nigger you’re working for now?
Another white guy: Pleasant.…so do you live around here now?
Really white guy: Yeah, this is my hood.

–Deli, Greenpoint Ave / Manhattan Ave

Overheard by: Jesse

College girl to friend: So I was looking through all my pictures… You know, all my pictures of Nazis.

–Central Park

Overheard by: ruegah

NYU film student to another, looking at picture of French actor Benoit Magimel: He’s hot in that Hitler Youth kind of way.

–NYU Tisch Building

Guy to friend: Killing zombies is the new killing Nazis.

–1 Train

Overheard by: Preston

Random hipster: Sometimes I think Hitler was right.

–Music Hall of Williamsburg

Borders employee: I’m sorry, ma’am, we do have books about Hitler, but they’re all for children.


Short Indian guy in high voice: No, no, you don’t understand! Immigrants do very much for this country!
Tall, fat white guy in heavy Brooklyn accent: Ahhhh, up your ass!

–F Train

Overheard by: donald morgan

Man about to cross street to cabbie wearing turban: You terrorist! Get out of my country!
Cabbie, yelling: I’ll fucking kill you!

–University Place & 14th St

Overheard by: Heather