Puzzled teen: I swear I’ve never seen so much math on a napkin before.

Women’s Bathroom, Wynkoop Brewery
Denver, Colorado

Overheard by: Bathroom Goer

Teen girl to friend: She doesn't even know what she wants! She just likes to text Scott because it makes her feel pretty.

Forever 21
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Teen girl on cell: Cuz you're not a lesbian fan, and I like lesbians. They're funny.


Overheard by: um…

Teen girl #1: I heard this place is full of snakes and dead people.
Teen girl #2: Yeah, well, it’s not a mall!

James River
Richmond, Virginia

Teen girl #1, looking at bookmarks: Oh–I would totally read if I had a cool bookmark!
Teen girl #2: Oh, me too, for sure!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Emo teen girl with water bottle: I mean, it’s not like I’m drinking all this just to pass a drug test. It would be nice to pass one, though…

Jenks, Oklahoma

Teen girl: I have a fever.
Teen boy: Oh, no! Any vomiting?
Teen girl: Not yet.
Teen boy: Damn!

Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: Greg

Teen guy: Yeah, we got like, so wasted!
Teen girl #1: It was great, yeah. We got so high.
Teen girl #2: Where did you guys get the alcohol?
Teen girl #1: What?
Teen girl #2: If you guys were getting high, where did you get the alcohol?
Teen girl #1: That's drunk. You get high off weed.
Teen girl #2: Oh. Okay. Then, where'd you get that?
Teen guy: My sister. She's sixteen!
Teen girl #2: Can't you get high off books?
Teen guy: What?
Teen girl #2: Cause, can't, like…books get you high?
Teen girl #1: What?

East Vancouver, BC

Teen girl: Well, I had to stop eating soap, but I’m sure I’ll be fine anyways!

Madison, Wisconsin

Pissed-off teen: You can't get a bowl of salad but you can wash the dog naked?

Harrison, Michigan

Overheard by: Lauren