Hobo: Can you spare some change? Or food?
Black lady: Nigga, get a job. This neighborhood’s gone too bourgeois for your ass to be begging.

–West 4th

Overheard by: bella

Hobo: Anyone spare a dollar? Any change?
Girl: No, sorry.
Hobo: Why do you hate me?

–Broadway & Waverly

Girl #1: One time I farted and there was a cute boy there and I was mortified.
Girl #2: Yes! What did you say?
Girl #1: I blamed it on a homeless person!
Girl #2: Holy crap that’s genius.

–Washington Square Park

Overheard by: Shanon Kelley 

Conducter. Stand clear of the closing doors… Stand clear everyone… Please stand‑a clear of the closing doors.… In the front car, you, with the hat, in or out already!
Queer: I think he means you, Mr. Smelly Homeless Man.

–145th St Station

Overheard by: CI

Woman tapping bum who passes out leaning against newly‐arrived train: Excuse me, sir… Sir! You’re leaning against the train and it’s about to leave!
Bum: Oh! Huh? Thank you.
Woman: Excuse me, sir? You’re still on the train… Get off of that train, you fucking bum!
Bum: Yes ma’am!

–Downtown 6 platform, Grand Central

Overheard by: off white

Girl #1: I’m cold.
Girl #2: Oh, shut up. What if you were homeless, then what would you do?
Girl #1: Kill myself.
Girl #2: Oh. Why don’t they think of that?

–Union Square

Overheard by: Colleen 

Girl #1: No one likes him… I feel bad for him.
Girl #2: I feel bad for the homeless people in the city who have no legs.

–Staten Island Mall

Little boy,jumping up and down: The Dow Jones is up! The Dow Jones is up!

–86th & Lexington

Overheard by: Some Random Girl

Crazy man, shouting at no one in particular: Fuck the economy, your asshole just dropped 200 points!

–8th Ave & 19th St

Slacker on a smoke break: Yeah, McCain said he is going to suspend his campaign so that he can work on the economy. I mean, really. It would be like me saying I’m suspending my pot distribution so that I can work on quantum physics.

–Forest Ave., Staten Island

Overheard by: political listener

Hobo on subway to man in suit: Spare change? Anyone? Spare change for the homeless? You look like you worked for Lehman Brothers, you’re excused.

–51st St

Overheard by: Kate

Guy #1: Your mind is full of junk information!
Guy #2: Well, you keep rummaging in it, so that makes you a bum.

–Rivington & Ludlow

Hobo: …damn, this is some fucked up shit. Most fucked up shit I’ve ever seen. Motherfucker arguin’ with himself. Who argues with himself? Man, this is some fucked up shit…

–West Village

Overheard by: Matt Muscari