Broadway Shows

Hipster Pee-wee Herman lookalike to friend: Oh, and when I give her anilingus to let me direct a show? You're totally gonna be in it!

–Q Train

Overheard by: Flea

Man: I believe some of this will be made up.

–Going into Wicked, Broadway

Overheard by: CAM

Black highschool girl: Oh my god, why do they keep singing?

In the Heights, Broadway Musical

Overheard by: Cookie

Woman in Jersey accent: Is this the one about the boy who wants to be a horse or the girl who wants to be a fish?

–At Equus, Broadhurst Theatre

Overheard by: HarlemRy

Daniel Radcliffe fan girl: I have to be in this show some day. Even if I'm eighty, I gotta be in this show with him. I'd be like, "put it in me! Put it in me!"

–At Equus, Broadhurst Theatre

Overheard by: Nikki

Man leaving Hair: Well, that beats the hell outta Shakespeare!

–Outside Delacorte Theater, Central Park

Six-year old boy: What are we going to see tonight?
Harried mom: Hairspray.
Six-year old boy: What’s that about?
Harried mom: Crazy stuff.
Six-year old boy: It better be.

–Lafayette & Crosby

Overheard by: hair hopper

Guy #1: You guys should put on a musical next year!
Guy #2: We would, but a musical's pretty elaborate. I mean, we have plenty of girls who can sing, but no guys at all.
Guy #1: Oh! Then you should, like, do The Vagina Monologues, The Musical!
Guy #2: (stares)

–3rd Ave & 10th St

20-something man, during West Side Story, when Tony climbs in bed with Maria: Get it, son!

–Palace Theatre

Old man, leaving theater after seeing Hair: I told you we should have seen Mary Poppins.

–45th & 8th

Overheard by: Leela

Girl, looking at a barricaded rally: Oh my god, it is so Les Miz up in here.

–48th St & 6th Ave

Long Island woman to friend, leaving the theater after Mary Poppins: That wasn't anything like the movie. The movie had cartoons, this was real people.

–Amsterdam Theater, 42nd & Broadway

Overheard by: MikeyMouse

Man to friend, during Waiting for Godot: Oh my god, you know what would make me really pissed? I'd be so angry if that Godot guy didn't show up at the end of the play.

–Studio 54

Woman to husband, during Waiting for Godot: Is this a musical?

–Studio 54

Overheard by: Hannah

Lady: What Broadway show is this?
Little girl: This ain't no Broadway show, it's McDonald's.
Lady, laughing: Oh. Well, it looks just like that Broadway show next door.

–McDonald's, Times Square

Overheard by: Shana

Tourist teen: Scientology? Is that like that crazy Darwinism stuff where they think people are monkeys?


Guy: Well, 20 million years ago you were a monkey too!

–NYC Lab School

Overheard by: T

Teen to friend: So once the car is full of monkey poop, then you trade it in for another one.


Hobo sitting in subway station: Woman ain't want no man in her bed…she want a monkey in her bed…ooohh ooh oh ahh ahhh ahhh. (makes monkey noises)

–E Train

Overheard by: Ja9

Comedy show hawker: You will all have autism when you're done with this show. And you'll be having sex like monkeys and bunnies.

–Times Square

Overheard by: fluffyautist

Little boy watching monkey, to father: I bet he wouldn't leave his kid at a Wal-Mart.

–Bronx Zoo

Little girl pointing to a poster of The Phantom of the Opera: Look, Mommy! The Mask!
Mom: No, sweetheart, that’s The Phantom of the Opera. Mask is a movie with Cher.

–Trader Joe’s

Overheard by: Alyson Leigh

Tourist husband: So what is this show about?
Tourist wife: I believe it’s like a Muppets story.

Avenue Q, Golden Theater, W 45th St

Overheard by: Jose
Headline by: Michael

· “The Muppets Take Manhattan, Roll It Over, Pull Its Hair and Make It Call Them ‘Daddy’” – Colin McCleod
· “…And Miss Saigon Is About a Beauty Pageant” – bri b
· “And Porn Is Like a Plumbing Story” – jdw
· “And the Dinner You Took Me to at Olive Garden? That Was Like Italian.” – Andy Klingenberger
· “Avenue Q Tickets: $120. The Looks on Vernon and Estelle’s Faces When They Hear ‘The Internet is for Porn’: Priceless” – what i wouldn’t give to watch them watch the show
· “Everyone’s a Little Misinformed” – ian
· “Maybe If the Muppets Took Fire Island” – Broomrider
· “The Same Way That Debbie Does Dallas Is a Travel Documentary” – Kristin Sacre
· “Today’s Letters Are S, E and X, and the Number Is 69” – Iain, London

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Man: Oh, we are going to see my niece. My sister is so proud of her, she’s on Broadway.
Woman: That’s wonderful. What is she playing?
Man: She’s in Chicago playing one of the whores.

–Amtrak train

Overheard by: Moises

Tourist mom: What Broadway show should we see?
NY guy: Well, Wicked is good.
Tourist mom: I got five kids with me. You think I’m gonna pay? I meant what Broadway show can we see that we don’t have to pay for.

–Times Square

Overheard by: Peter Shankman