Celebrities Overheard

Chris Noth: I talked to her for 10 minutes and figured out she was crazy.

–15th & Irving

Overheard by: Ameha Beyene

Chick: I’d do you.
Kevin Smith: No, you wouldn’t. Not even if you were stoned and drunk.

–Jacob Javits Center

Overheard by: Heather

Ethan Hawke: Man, everybody’s fat.

–Employees Only, Hudson St

Overheard by: molly

Guy on cell: But you’re not fat in America!

–Ozzie’s Coffee III, 5th Ave, Park Slope

Guy on cell: Yeah, I spoke to Jack Black about it… right, yeah. I think he’ll do just about anything at this point. [pause] Jack Black. Jack Black. [pause] Oh, Jack White. Jack Black is the comedian. Yeah.

–Starbucks, 51st & Broadway

Overheard by: Jim

Guy: The thing about Cronenberg is that you have to appreciate him in
context to what he does…which is often unappreciable.

–Belmont Lounge, East 15th Street

Guy: Why are you wearing tuxedo pants?
Jon Stewart: I want to raise my baby formally. It’s black tie in the

Daily Show studios, 51st & 11th

Overheard by: Jess McGins

Eva Amurri to hipster companion: My father was telling me the dangers of aspartame — you know the stuff in Diet Coke? It’s like a sugar. It was once registered as a chemical weapon.
Hipster companion: Yeah?
Eva Amurri: If there is any way to become a superhero, it has to be by drinking Diet Coke.
[later] Eva Amurri to hipster companion: I can’t remember how it ends… If he dies in a war or if Gatsby gets in a car crash, but he loves Daisy.
[later still] Eva Amurri: Pasties are Band-Aids that only cover your nipples.

–Acela train leaving Penn Station

Overheard by: could you maybe namedrop your mom less, Miss Top-Volume-At-All-Times?