We Love Our Pets

Girl: I thought it was gonna be like a tiny thing!
Guy, freaking out: Why do you have a huge ass turtle?!

–Canal & Mott

Guy: We thought Cecile got the Burberry print ad.
Girl: Yeah, if she got it I was going to manage her career.
Guy: It was up between her and another dog, but I guess she lost.

–Bread Tribeca, Church Street

Overheard by: Jaysen Medhurst

Girl: … so dogs were getting electrocuted and they kept telling people to put boots on their dogs–
Guy: What is with these New Yorkers and their dogs? If you want a creature that badly, have a child!
Girl: You are an idiot.

–110th & Amsterdam

14‐year‐old girl #1: I wish I had a boyfriend.
14‐year‐old girl #2: Yeah, me too… Well, either a boyfriend or a puppy.

–4 Train

Overheard by: Dave Rabkin

Man: Yeah, my mother raised me right. I make sure I eat breakfast every day.
Woman: Mmm‐hmm.
Man: I have sardines and grits every day.
Woman: Sardines?
Man: Hell, yes. Sometimes I give some of the gravy to the cats, and they go crazy for it. I mean, it don’t matter if they just ate or nothing, they just love the gravy.
Woman: Mmm‐hmm.
Man: Gravy. I usually give them a little of whatever I cook. You know, and then they either eat it or they don’t. They like turn their heads away if they don’t like it. But they sure like gravy. Gravy.

–B26 Bus, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Duncan Pflaster

Woman: Where are you from?
Tourist: We’re from Texas! Why, could you hear our accents over there?
Woman: No, it’s because in New York we know that you can’t bring dogs into restaurants.
Tourist: You can’t?
Woman: No, you can’t. We work for the Department of Public Health. Consider this a warning.
Tourist: Oh. I thought it was ok because y’all are ok with Paris Hilton and all.

–Red Lobster, Times Square

Overheard by: Lynne & Craig

Woman on cell: Yeah, the kitty pushes the others around. He’s a real tyrant… Uh‐huh. Guess what she named him: Osama.

–Central Park

Young thug to ASPCA rep with Pit Bull: Yo, is that a Pit Bull? Can I get her?
ASPCA rep: Yes, she is up for adoption, her name is…
Young thug: Yo, that’s cool, cuz I like sell weed and shit, and I need a pit.
ASPCA rep: Uhh… (turns and walks away)
Young thug: I ain’t gonna beat her.

–Union Square, ASPCA Day

Overheard by: Somebody should beat him.