Student #1: The professor wanted us to list our ten favorite books.
Student #2: So?
Student #1: All I could think of was “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”

East Carolina University
Greenville, North Carolina

Teacher, about Thoreau: Who's heard about the cone of silence?
Kid: I know about the cone of shame!

Concord Museum
Concord, Massachusetts

Guy to another: Dude, just study your nuts off and you'll be fine.

Binghamton University
New York

Professor, throwing exams on desk the day after taking them: I graded all of these. I want applause.
(class applauds)

Amherst, Massachusetts

Student on bike to another: The problem with string theory nowadays is that everyone just wants to get into it.


Overheard by: Anti-Math

History professor, lecturing on the early 1900s: I mean, the problem of being the only person with a telephone is, well, who you gonna call?
Class, as one: Ghostbusters!
History professor: You kids scare me.

Boulder, Colorado

Overheard by: They know their history, alright

Girl studying with her friend: I love how you never learn about what's inside a boob.
Friend: Yeah, that's a shame.

Arizona College

Overheard by: lura

Five-year boy in front of a door: (frantically) Which one? I have to go!
Exasperated mother: The men’s room.
Little boy: Which one?!
Mother: That one (points) and that’s why you need to learn to read.

Barnes & Noble
Cary, North Carolina

Guy: It was mostly about fucking goats, but I also learned a lot about libel law.

Miami, Florida

Overheard by: Nick

WASPy college student to cab driver: You’re absolutely right, sir. A curse upon the Saudis.