Girl on cell in empty hall: So how long do you want to have sex with your boyfriend? Until, like 3:00?

Temple University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Guy on phone: Nah, nah, it's not cheating! I didn't ejaculate, so it's not cheating!

King's Cross

Overheard by: highly amused

Guy #1: I totally told her I wasn’t with anyone else on my cruise, but I clearly slept with another girl!
Guy #2: Victory!

Overheard by: shannon

Son: Mommy, why are you going through daddy's phone?
Mother: Because I love him!

Howell, New Jersey

Guy going on holidays to friend: If the opportunity presents itself, could you please not fuck my girlfriend?


Girl: At first, I was really afraid he was cheating on me, but then I called him the next day and asked him where he was the night before…
Girl's friend: Well, where was he?
Girl: Oh, he was having drinks with John Lennon. I was freaking out for no reason!

New York

Woman #1: So, you think he is?
Woman #2: No, you don't really think he is?
Woman #3: Hell, yes! I know he is. He is cheating on his wife and me. I'm gonna cut off his dick and then quit! That'll teach him.

Overheard by: Jon

Feminist student, about discussion: No, this is completely wrong! We shouldn't be congratulating men for not having affairs!
Teacher: Yes, that's exactly right! I mean, it's like when we congratulate black people for staying out of prison!
(stunned silence)

Kendrick School
Columbus, Georgia

Overheard by: MJH

Sociology professor: Today, we'll be talking about sex.
(students mumble)
Sociology professor: I heard that. (pause) How much do I know about it? Well, I can tell you: less than my cheating ex-girlfriend.

University Classroom

Overheard by: Nicole

Brunette: Was it you that was telling me you told prince charming that you were a whore?
Redhead: You mean Mark*, the rich guy? No, I just told him not to fall in love with me because I was a faithless whore and there was no man on earth worthy of my loyalty. You give a man loyalty and they walk all over you. Besides, I wouldn't describe him as prince charming. More like a toad with money.
Brunette: So you did tell him you were a whore?

Greek Restaurant
Baton Rouge, Louisiana