Teenage girl: Yeah, he just couldn't orgasm! I spent like three hours on that shit, and after about an hour I was so thirsty I wanted to say “hold up, I'm gonna go get a big gulp.” (friend bursts into laughter)

Birmingham, Alabama

Teen daughter: Mom, what does an orgasm feel like?
Mom, looking at older daughter: Ask your sister, she'd probably know better than I would.

Portland, Oregon

Random girl to friend: Just because I've seen your o-face doesn't mean you're attractive.

Berkeley, California

Overheard by: C.S.

Professor: So, do you guys think fornication is man’s greatest pleasure?
First year Humanities class: [Embarrassed silence.]Brave student: Um… I don’t know about greatest… I mean, I like to eat.
Professor, slamming hands down on desk: I’ve been eating for 62 years, and I’ve never gotten an orgasm from it!

Richmond, Indiana

Guy #1, to girl: Yo, if Mike and Dave lived together, how great would your orgasm be? [Girl is silent.]Guy #2: Yeah, your leg would be drenched all the time.
Girl: I’m a girl! You can’t say that to me!
Guy #1: Not with jizz! With lady juice!
Girl: Seriously! Stop!

Rutgers bus
New Jersey