Hook Ups

Girl to no one in particular: I want to have sexual intercourse with you.
Friend: Sexual intercourse sounds like they want to put their balls inside your vagina too.

–172 St & Jerome

Overheard by: Emm

Hipster #1: I can’t believe you went home with that fat NYU chick last night.
Hipster #2: Yeah, I was out‐of‐my‐mind drunk. But I totally vindicated myself immediately after.
Hipster #1: Yeah?
Hipster #2: We must have woken up her hot blond suitemate when she screamed out “Oh my God, fuck me with your giant cock!“
Hipster #1: And how do you know?
Hipster #2: Because afterward, she passed out, and I went out to her living room to have a smoke, and her roommate came out in her PJs to join me for a smoke. Then I banged her on the couch.
Hipster #1: That’s awesome.
Hipster #2: Yeah. The funniest part was, I snuck back into her room when she was passed out and stole some condoms from her drawer.
Hipster #1: You’re a horrible person.
Hipster #2: I know.

–L train

Overheard by: Slappy McGee

Skinny girl: Well, what are you waiting for?
Chubby girl: I’m waiting for her to fuck Jerry!

–55th & 3rd

Overheard by: diana

Girl #1: Man, if I’m going to go to that party tonight, I gotta shave my hair.
Girl #2: Yeah, me too. Where is the best price around here?
Girl #3: There’s one on Lexington by my place, and a guy does it, and he’s so hot I just want him to accidentally shove his dick up me.
Girl #2: Then we’ll go to that place!

–6 Train

Overheard by: Andrew

Dumb girl #1: If my ex wasn’t an idiot I would call him.
Dumb girl #2: Why is he an idiot?
Dumb girl #1: Because he hooked up with one of my friends.
Dumb girl #2: That sucks.
Dumb girl #1: Yeah, she likes to get with friends’ men.
Dumb girl #2: Wow! She’s a bitch.
Dumb girl #1: Yeah… but so, should I call him?

–L Train

Barnard girl #1: I was at this party, and there was this guy, but I promised myself I would stop hooking up with strangers.
Barnard girl #2: Right.
Barnard girl #1: But, like, I still don’t understand why it’s bad to hook up with strangers all the time.
Barnard girl #2: Maybe it’s because you’re, like, using each other’s bodies.
Barnard girl #1: Maybe.

–Le Monde Cafe

Overheard by: this is awkward

Teenager to friend: Well, her name is Alexandra, and I was not hooking up with her…
Random passerby, interrupting: Yeah, that’s right, I once knew a girl named pussy!

–West Houston St

Overheard by: nickwe

Straight guy, about coworker: That guy is such a douche.
Tarty girl: He’s moving three blocks away from me.
Straight guy: That means you’ll totally fuck him.
Tarty girl: Don’t put that out in the universe! It’ll happen. You know I’m a slut!

–Union Square

College girl to friend: Tonight’s goal is to make out with a cokehead.

–7th St

Male grad student #1: So, I got an email from my teacher today.
Male grad student #2: Oh, yeah?
Male grad student #1: Yeah… She thinks I’m a good teacher.
Male grad student #2: Oh… So nothing about…?
Male grad student #1: No, nothing about my gorgeous smile or sparkling personality.
Male grad student #2: Oh.
Male grad student #1: She totally wants me. I can tell.

–A train, between 42nd & 50th St

Overheard by: laurs