Train Station

Husband: How long were you running around with him?
Wife: It’s not your business.
Husband: It is. You don’t know how to behave. I have a crazy wife and I need to know if I should be with her or not. Think about it.

Translated from the Russian.

–Bleecker St. Station

Ghetto chick #1: We was doin’ trigonometry.
Ghetto chick #2: Trigonometry…like slopes n’ shit?

–9th Street PATH station

Overheard by: Melissa M.

Old Russian man approaches teen girl and says something in Russian.

Teen girl: What?
Russian man: You don’t speak Russian?
Teen girl: No.
Russian man: Oh, well you want job?
Teen girl: No.

Russian man walks away.

Girl’s mom: I think he wanted to hire you for an escort service.

–Sheepshead Bay train station, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Waiting for the bus

Drunk girl: Excuse me… Excuse me, sir. A lady pirate in the next car just violated me. She slid her sword down my skirt, man! For real — she was a fuckin’ pirate! There’s a whole bunch of pirates in the next car!

–LIRR, Penn Station

Overheard by: Jesse

Bible-thumping lady: Get your Bible! We only have approximately five years left!
Passerby: Five years! Fuck! I gotta get movin’!

–Grand Central

Overheard by: Adam Bertocci

Woman : Why didn't you kiss me?
Man: Cause you said you were going to punch me!

–Grand Central

Irate professional woman on cell: I raced down to Penn Station to buy a ticket to New Jersey, and now you tell me you're going to Hooters?

–Penn Station

Overheard by: Erin and Willa

Blonde hipster: I knew I needed to get out of there when I heard her saying, "we should go to that bar next because it's near the PATH!"

–Rivington & Essex

Train conductor: The next stop is Park Place. Transfer is available to the a, c, e and PATH to Newwwwwwwwwww Jersey. I also have wonderful news that I am dying to tell you today. All 2 and 3 trains are making local stops this weekend. There are no express trains because of service changes.

–2 Train

Girl, interrupting singing couple: Guys, we need to class it up, we are not in Jersey anymore!

–5th Ave & 86th

Overheard by: GerMan in NY

Four-year-old boy: I don't wanna go to New Jersey!

–New Jersey Transit Terminal, Penn Station

Hipster: But you were in New Jersey when you got pregnant, it's okay.

–1st & St. Mark's

Guy #1: You’re useless…you keep getting dysentery.
Guy #2: Maybe you’re just a lousy trail leader.
Girl: At least he doesn’t drown every time we cross a river.
Guy #1: Hey, you caulk the wagon, you take some chances.

–79th Street 1 station

Woman: Where is there an elevator or ramp down to the lower tracks?
Info booth lady: Which track are you trying to get to?
Woman: It doesn’t matter…gate 120.
Info booth lady: We don’t have a gate 120. If you tell me where you’re really going, I’ll tell you how to get there!

–Grand Central

Frat boy #1: Dude! Your sister is hot!
Frat boy #2: I know, dude…so is my mom.

–Grand Central

Overheard by: Bone Cermark