Ghetto Chicks

Woman #1: Oooh, child, I know your ass was fucked up from all that drinking!
Woman #2: Hell yeah, you know I was! Shit, I woke up in bed with that mothafuckah again!
Woman #1: Girl, who was it this time?
Woman #2: My fucking husband.
Woman #1: Damn.

–Jay St/Borough Hall train station

Ghetto girl: What's wrong wit you?
Hoodlum: Yo, I already told you I was bisexual!

–McClellan St & Sheridan Ave

Overheard by: South Bronx Beat Cop

Man selling CDs: If you like the Mets, you will love my album!

–8th & Broadway

Overheard by: nicole

Mets fan: I don’t care if I have one lung, or only have half a pancreas, or if I lose a leg falling in front of the train. As long as the Mets win, I’m good to go.

–7 train

Asshole, pointing to guy with Red Sox bumper sticker on his wheelchair: He’s a Boston fan; let’s kick his ass! Oh wait, looks like God beat us to it.

–126th & St Nick

Conductor, on PA: That Johnny Damon. He sure looks like Jesus. But he sure throws like my little sister.

–Amtrak train out of Penn Station

Overheard by: Lisita

MTA worker: All people for the Mets game, go to your right. All people for the US Open, if any, go to your left.

–Willets Point-Shea Stadium subway station

Overheard by: Emily

Thugette: Yo, when I make it in show business, I will not speak to Ben Affleck. When I found out he’s a Red Sox fan, I decided then and there.

–Q65 bus

Overheard by: A White Bear

Conductor: 161st Street, Yankee Stadium. Let Big Papi know who the real MVP is.

–D train

Overheard by: Lindsay J.

Black chick #1: When are we gonna take off?
Black chick #2: First we have to taxi down to the runway. Then we have to wait our turn. Then we go real fast ’til we get airborne. I know aviation, bitch.

–JetBlue flight to Ft. Lauderdale

Overheard by: Big Larry

Ghetto queer, mocking ghetto chick: ‘It’s been so nice seeing you again…’
Ghetto chick: You know, I’ve been friends with him for so long, but something about seeing him today was just so… different. I guess maybe his essence was just too big for a MySpace page.

–72nd & Broadway

Overheard by: Has been waiting for this.

Girl #1: Girl look, I got the same picture on my wall calendar as I do on this day planner. Muthafuckin’ Grainstacks in Sunlight!
Girl #2: Morning Effect?
Girl #1: Yeah, I like dat impressionist shit.
Girl #2: Me too. Dat shit is pretty.

–1 train

Overheard by: diva646

Ghetto girl #1: Damn, yo! What the fuck is up wit your left eye? It’s dumb red!
Ghetto girl #2: Nah, it ain’t even like that. There was a shootout.
Ghetto girl #1: You got shot in the eye? How the fuck…?
Ghetto girl #2: Yeah, he was trying to come on my mouth and missed and shot some into my eye.
Ghetto girl #1: Damn! Who the fuck he think you was? Jenna Jameson or something? Keep on doing that kinky shit, now look at your dumb fucked-up ass.

–Simpson Street station

Overheard by: schizo diva

Hispanic girl: …yeah, I like that, it’s cool, but do they have it in a 16?
White girl: I think they only have 12s and 6s left.
Hispanic girl: Well, I’m not really a 16. It’s just this huge ass I have here. If you don’t count that, I’m a 12.

–Old Navy, Chelsea

Girl #1: I didn’t ask to be born.
Girl #2: Yeah, I didn’t ask our parents to be born into this cold, hard, cruel world.
Girl #1: Yeah!
Girl #2: On top of everything I had to be born black too, and a woman!
Girl #1: Yeah!
Girl #2: …but I was born light-skinned and have a big ass!

–Matsuri, Chelsea

Overheard by: Tamika J.

Ghetto girl #1: Girl! I ain’t seen you in forever!
Ghetto girl #2: Yeah! How ya been?
Ghetto girl #1 pointing to her ass: Look! Mmm!
Ghetto girl #2: Huh?
Ghetto girl #1: Last time you saw me I ain’t got no ass! Now… I got an ass!
Ghetto girl #2: Ohhh! Bye!

–35th & 8th

Overheard by: Dan

Black chick #1: I’ma see one of my boyfriends today.
Black chick #2: You got more than one?
Black chick #1: Hells yeah. One live in Bed-Stuy, the other live in Canarsie.
Black chick #2: That’s gangsta.

–Locker room, John Dewey High School, Brooklyn

Overheard by: Just trying to get dressed