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Three‐year‐old girl, singing loudly: It’s hot and it’s cold, it’s yes and it’s no, we fight we break up, and kiss and make up.
Mom, sounding desperate: Please…please just go stand over there.

–Bathroom, Intrepid Museum

Guy #1: Look at that. His front arms are so small.
Guy #2: Why do you think he looks so angry? He couldn’t whack off.

–Museum of Natural History

Overheard by: Corey F 

Guy: The thing about Cronenberg is that you have to appreciate him in
context to what he does…which is often unappreciable.

–Belmont Lounge, East 15th Street

Girl: I’m really bad at observing people.
Friend: I love Sleeping Beauty.
Girl: I can’t write about art if it’s, like, asked by my teachers. That’s what I hate about this class. Last semester I had to reckon with a Louise Bourgeois essay… All her penises. Are you guys ready to go?

–Cooper‐Hewitt, National Design Museum

Overheard by: Alex Bailey

Girl #1: My ass is so big!
Girl #2: I know.
Girl #1: You biyatch!
Girl #2: Wow, way to use a four‐year‐old pop culture reference.


Young white daughter: Mommy, what’s a black artist?
White mother, awkwardly: It’s an artist who’s…well, black.
Young daughter: Then how come you said you don’t like them?
White mother, looking around nervously: I didn’t say that, honey. I just said I don’t like these paintings. The colors are too dark.
Young daughter, loudly: That’s because he’s black!
(mother hurriedly pulls daughter out of the room)

–The Whitney

Guy #1: What’s that? A parking garage?
Guy #2 [alarmed]: That’s the Guggenheim!

–Across the street from the Guggenheim

Overheard by: Mary T Helmes Sheely

Chic chick #1: Whenever I go to museums with Mike, he always acts like he doesn’t give a shit.
Chic chick #2: How so?
Chic chick #1: Like we went to this exhibit on 18th Century English fashion and he was just staring into space the whole time, not saying anything.
Chic chick #2: Weird.

–Clinton & Rivington

Overheard by: The Whyte Lyte

Girl: Did you know that my ancestors invented the thing that links subway cars together?
Guy: Did you know that my ancestors got drunk in the subway cars?

–MTA Transit Museum