Sorority Girls

College girl #1: That guy is so awkward.
College girl #2: Yeah, and I think he lies a lot. Like, one time I asked him if he was a virgin or not, and he said: “I’m not sure, because the girl didn’t bleed.“
College girl #1: Yeah… Wait, what?

–A Train

Overheard by: Lizzie

Sorority girl tourist #1, about photo of guy on camera phone: Look at this gluteus maximus.
Sorority girl tourist #2: Oooh, nice gluteus maximus. Hey, what’s with all the weird body part names, anyway? Gluteus maximus…
Sorority girl tourist #1: Vulva…

–34th & 8th

Overheard by: Dolores!

College bro: No, you don’t understand. Thinking about the processes of government turns me on.
College chick: Really?
College bro: For serious. I think about dick Cheney and I get hard. I would vote for him and give up my right to vote if he could be supreme dictator.

–Hunter College

Overheard by: theclanmacgregor

Guy #1: Okay…Wow…This one time in Madison I was so drunk…I was trying to get this sorority girl to come home with me and she said she would if I got rid of her ex‐boyfriend (he was hanging out with us.) That’s all I remember from that night! I woke up the next morning, in bed, soaking wet, with a pulled groin muscle and scrapes all over my knees and elbows!
Guy #2: What the fuck?
Guy #1: Yeah! I had to ask around to find out what happened. Apparently, I sorta, uh, fell in the lake in Madison – I pulled my groin muscle there – then I pulled myself out and crawled home on hands and knees since I couldn’t walk.
Guy #2: What…the fuck…?

–B1 bus

Overheard by: Justin Fores 

Young woman to another: But do you know how big a horse dick is?

–5th Ave & Carroll, Park Slope

Girl: I’m really tired. I’m, like, an animal activist right now.

–Parking Lot, Broadway Mall

Overheard by: Lysa

Student: I’m not that sensitive. I can watch those videos where they like, torture the animal or whatever, and then I’ll go eat it.

–Cardozo Law School

Asian girl: Does this make me look like a sad Panda?

–NYU Dining Hall

Columbia girl: I’d never have asked if I knew he was the one who’d killed it. But I didn’t suspect him. Who’d spend their time strangling a gerbil?

–Columbia University

Overheard by: Who’d have thought?

Guido to friend: Yo, it smells like a skunk burped up a hot dog.

–Penn Station

Lady on speaker: If you have an animal, please do not put it through the X‑ray.

–LaGuardia Airport

Obnoxious NYU girl to friends: Ew! He passed and was like “damn, look at that ass on that white girl!“
Ghetto man, passing by: Psh – what ass?

–Union Square

High school girl #1: Yeah, she really needs to take better care of herself!
High school girl #2: Well, not anymore. She’s dead.
High school girl #1: Well, she should have.

–Downtown 1 Train

Overheard by: Christiana Little

College girl on cell: So as of last weekend I’ve pledged to be celibate for a year…although on second thought, it should really start today. I got pretty trashed last night and this morning I couldn’t find the underwear I was wearing yesterday.

–Church St

Overheard by: Emma

20‐something woman: Did you enjoy the bra fitting? Old lady grab your bits?

–Outside Town Shop

Overheard by: Wild Dog Boy

Elderly woman examining bras: What’s with all this padding? I got my own damn titties!

–H&M, 5th Ave

Overheard by: titti‐less

Eight‐year‐old in a suit jacket on cell, strutting around the store: Did you see any hot, sexy girls? Yeah, but were they hot and sexy? Where are you, man? Are you still in the underwear aisle? Yeah, but are you still by the panties? (louder) The panties!

–Barnes & Noble, Tribeca

Overheard by: emdeebee

Trashy girl walking funny: Well, I guess I should have worn underwear.

–Arthur Ave

Ditzy college girl: Yeah, but I’m like a fun drunk, right?
Guy (serious): Ummm… Well, you were kind of saying that life has no meaning and that it’s not worth living.
Ditzy college girl: What?

–Union Square

Overheard by: Gaby

College girl #1: Ugh, I can’t believe I have to go to my uncle’s wedding. It’s his fucking third one!
College girl #2: His third one?
College girl #1: Yes! Why can’t he just go to some deserted island and get married by himself?!
College girl #3: Well, you can’t really get married by yourself.
College girl #1: Will you please just be supportive? You know what I mean.

–MetroNorth, Harlem Line

Overheard by: rpk